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GoPro Karma
« on: September 25, 2016, 10:48:00 am »
So, how about this?  A drone carrying a gimbal stabilised 4K Camera, with video back to the controller and all portable in a reasonably sized backpack, for around £1000.

The drone itself is (iirc) £719 in the UK, but a kit with the new GoPro Hero 5 Black (4K Ultra HD) camera is probably going to be around the £1000 mark, when the whole shooting match is released in the UK.

Realistically, a few spare batteries would probably also be a good idea, but this certainly looks like the sort of thing which could be easily carried when cycling somewhere.

     Sort of video review, with a not quite final version of the Karma (YouTube)

That's an interesting review, in that it shows how easily the drone can be flown, by a relative novice (with the Karma).  It's also quite impressive, in that the gimbal rig can easily be used with the backpack, in isolation from the drone.

If I had £1000 to spare (which I don't) I'd be very tempted to try this out.  It looks like an off the shelf drone and camera combination, which can easily produce good quality video footage, and is portable enough to easily carry with you, for not too silly money.
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Interestingly, DJI have just released information about their new DJI Mavic Drone, which appears to be able to beat the Karma on most things, including price!

    DJI Mavic (YouTube)

This one definitely works with both Navstar and Glonass (which people appear to be unsure about with the Karma), has a longer run time, a greater range, obstacle avoidance, and appears to be more compact.

The video actually shows someone with the drone in the back pocket of a cycling jersey, although I suspect that would be uncomfortably large for anything other than casual use.

They're quoting prices of around $700, which includes the built in camera, whereas the Karma needs an additional GoPro camera.  Even if the normal dollars to pounds conversion occurs, it will still undercut the Karma, quite significantly.

Since neither drone is actually available to the public yet, it remains to be seen exactly how comparable they are, but it's certainly very good for the future development of cheap, portable and turn-key drones.
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Actually, it is rocket science.

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Unles you already have a gopro eco system, the Mavic is the better choice.