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Title: Wacky Jacqui wants YOU for her footsoldiers!
Post by: librarian on March 25, 2009, 08:46:24 pm
Dear Jacqui,

I read your speech with interest in which you say

"Where people may not have broken the law but nevertheless act in a way that undermines our belief in this country, in democracy, in human rights, in tolerance, and free speech, there should be a challenge made to them, not through the law but through a civil challenge."

I agree entirely and I am keen to participate in your proposals for a society of suspicious informants.  With your words in mind, I would like to civilly challenge you.  Please accept this note as a formal request to investigate yourself as a potential suspect.

You and your policies are seriously undermining my belief in this country.  This country traditionally respects the rule of law.  It respects freedom of speech, no matter how insane or deluded the speaker, unless they directly threaten another.  It respects the freedom of the individual, within the existing laws.  It considers my home my castle, not your personal playground of espionage.  Such a country should not be using terror laws to investigate my recycling in my own front garden. 

It particularly shouldn't be using its citizens to inform on "suspicious" activities.  Quite apart from the likelihood of people informing to settle old grudges against neighbours, quite apart from the illegality of using such information in court, quite apart from the sheer impracticality of administering it, it goes against the principles you outline of democracy, human rights, tolerance and free speech.

I look forward to your investigation of yourself.  Perhaps you should put yourself onto a watched list and periodically harass yourself.  For sheer authenticity I'm sure you could ask the police to come round to your house at dawn and accidentally shoot you before alleging that you're a paedophile anyway.  You could pop yourself onto a no-fly list.  And for goodness sake, make sure that any FOI requests you make to yourself asking what's going on are brusquely refused in the name of security. 

Respectfully yours,