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Racing / Re: Atlas Mountain Race.
« Last post by Morbihan on Yesterday at 11:37:19 pm »
Christian had some sleep last night whilst Sofiane rode through the night, then rapidly caught him earlier today. They've been in close proximity through the day. I wonder how things will pan out tonight. They are on a plateau at a height of some 1500m.

A real case of the hare and the tortoise. Sofiane has ridden for 6 hours longer than Christian as of now. In fact he didn't stop yesterday at all, Jeepers. He is no slouch either, riding at 13.5 kph, about the same speed as James H.
Christian is riding 1.5 kph faster though. He has a very aggressive set up with ceramic accoutrement etc. I guess that gives you an edge even on goat tracks over rubble. Or maybe its the ex pro racer legs that can just turn the pedals faster on any surface.
On a longer ultra one would likely speculate that Christian would reel Sofiane in, but in ultra terms this one aint that long. So hmmmmm.
The Pub / Re: what I have learned today.
« Last post by Pingu on Yesterday at 11:31:58 pm »
Gay panic defense, jeez-o  :(
The Knowledge / Re: Tubeless for Dummies
« Last post by Bolt on Yesterday at 11:30:08 pm »
Just found out that I've been riding road tyres tubelessly that weren't tubeless compatible. Gulp...
If the non-tubeless tyres provided a secure fit on the rim and held pressure... what exactly are the risks? 

I recently had to remove a tubeless Schwalbe G-One for a warranty return and only had a non-tubeless version of the same tyre as a spare.  Out of curiosity I fitted it without a tube and found it to be as a secure fit on the rim as the tubeless version.  The side walls of the non-tubeless tyre are slightly thinner but the beads appear identical, snapping and sealing nicely onto the rim when inflated and the tyre stays securely mounted when deflated.   
The Pub / Re: The wind...
« Last post by Pingu on Yesterday at 11:30:04 pm »
Dundee's been cut off, it's officially windy.

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Every cloud...

The Pub / Re: The wind...
« Last post by Jaded on Yesterday at 11:25:26 pm »
I am a bit annoyed by the BBC courage of Dennis.  They decided before hand where the trouble was going to be and reported from there.  Their Welsh correspondent seemed to be the only one who reported where the actual floods were. (He was confined to Wales).  So the floods in Herefordshire and Shropshire were hardly reported on at all.

I wouldn't worry too much, the BBC is soon to be subscription only and we will get our news from FaceBoak pages.
Rides and Touring / Re: ACME Miscellany
« Last post by drossall on Yesterday at 11:23:37 pm »
Will have to pick up the pace or not spend quite so long in Witham & Hitchin 'spoons if we're going to make happy hour at the Falcon  :thumbsup:
Hitchin 'spoons is pretty close to home for me...
Folders / Re: Stiff hinges
« Last post by drossall on Yesterday at 10:31:50 pm »
I'd use Boeshield T-9 if you can get it. Great for chains too.
I use white grease, but might try that. As you say, if I can get it.
Folders / Re: Stiff hinges
« Last post by grams on Yesterday at 10:24:36 pm »
A couple of drops of chain oil normally does the job.

I assume you mean Brompton and not knees.
And why do they have a Union Flag on the wall ?
Folders / Re: Stiff hinges
« Last post by bludger on Yesterday at 10:20:06 pm »
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