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The Pub / Re: what I have learned today.
« Last post by rogerzilla on Today at 07:22:10 pm »
Chimney sweeps used to get a unique form of scrotal cancer  :hand:
The Knowledge / Re: Drawbacks of a high bottom bracket
« Last post by rogerzilla on Today at 07:19:23 pm »
mattc, you're not riding it fixed, are you?  There is a real advantage to a high BB on fixed, where you HAVE to pedal through the corners.

I have bikes with all sorts of BB heights; the lower ones are nice in stop-start traffic but I have occasionally been caught out with pedal strike (turning right at a humped mini-roundabout is a favourite place).  Bikes converted from 27" to 700c and run on race tyres can have BBs slightly too low for comfort.  It's not just 4mm - the swap from 1 1/4" tyres to 23mm adds twice that.  The highest ones are the MTBs, as you'd expect; I always have to slip off the saddle at traffic lights on those.

The optimum for a fixie is about 10.75" - high enough to avoid grounding issues except in extreme situations, but low enough to get a foot down without dismounting every time.  This is with 165mm cranks.  Track standard BB height is 11" and mandated by some indoor velodromes, but I've never known it actually be measured if you take your own bike along.
The Pub / Re: what I have learned today.
« Last post by PaulF on Today at 07:09:04 pm »
I really should have greased the bottom bracket better when I fitted it 6 years ago. It’s looking expensive....
The Knowledge / Re: Drawbacks of a high bottom bracket
« Last post by PaulF on Today at 07:04:54 pm »
BB height makes no difference to bunny hop height.

I’m guessing what was meant was “manualling” the front wheel over the obstacle and then having the rear roll over it. But a 40cm high obstacle makes me not so sure ???
Freewheeling / Re: VeloViewer Explorer Score and Max Square
« Last post by quixoticgeek on Today at 07:04:12 pm »
Interesting extra challenge has crossed my radar.

Similar idea to the veloviewer tile game, but with municipalities. There's one for Belgium too. I'm at 48% of Dutch municipalities. Am waiting on the Belgian one to finish processing to see how I'm doing with that one.

I'm hoping that RatN will give me a good chunk of these, but it gives me an extra target along with the tiles to chase!

I wonder if there is one for .uk...


Edit: 27% of Belgium it seems...
Freewheeling / Re: VeloViewer Explorer Score and Max Square
« Last post by paddyirish on Today at 07:03:19 pm »
Interesting. My stats are

Tiles 1902
Square 11x11
Cluster 662

So 1in 3 tiles visited are in my max cluster. Then there are about 300 in Austria and 100 in each of England and Finland, so one in 2 Scottish tiles are in my cluster, but less than one in ten in my max square. Reflects that I can't do many long rides far from home.
Audax / Re: AUK and OCD inc.
« Last post by Ajax Bay on Today at 07:00:40 pm »
Which is why the excellent route designer @bairn again asked for detail of the church in Dunblane.
Edinburgh, Dunblane, Comrie, Claonaig, Cambeltown, Oban, Invercreran, Kinlochleven, Corran, Acharacle, Lochailort, Ardgour, Oban, Perth, Dunning, Dunblane, Edinburgh
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Looking for Oil Drum Lane
« Last post by Paul on Today at 06:52:40 pm »
I caught the programme on the way home from mum’s. One of those rare occasions when you hope there’s enough journey to hear it to the end.

It was close - driveway close - but there was.

Sometimes radio is perfect.
I'm buying shares in those bike-portable kayak things.

(might be tricky with an Eroica-compatible bike, but they're stupid events anyway.)
Audax / Re: Your Longest Winter Ride?
« Last post by mattc on Today at 06:49:58 pm »
Any way, I must stop looking at my unused Cambrian 10A card....  Now is not the time, or is it? :o
There is a simple answer to that. It ends in "idiot", and starts with "Don't be a f......"

ALTHOUGH ... I'm pretty sure iddu (who is too modest to mention this himself) did attempt a Mille Cymru route-check around New Year time. Totally hat-stand.
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