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The Knowledge / Re: Best glue to fix a crank
« Last post by Ian H on Today at 12:13:18 pm »
I have had success filling micro-gaps with epoxy resin (Araldite) heated to the point that it flows freely (apply then heat).  Disadvantage is that, if it doesn't work first time, you won't get a second chance.
The Knowledge / Re: K-Edge Garmin 1030 mount with underside Charging
« Last post by fboab on Today at 12:10:17 pm »
I would pay actual real money for this.
Food & Drink / Re: Marmalade
« Last post by fboab on Today at 12:07:39 pm »
Lemons the third fruit? My sister had grapefruit and lemon trees in her last Sydney house.
The Knowledge / Re: Best glue to fix a crank
« Last post by hubner on Today at 11:33:43 am »
If the crank has become loose on the axle with a wobble, I would have thought you'd need something to fill the gaps, eg epoxy with metal particles.
Audax / Re: Eureka!
« Last post by Delph Cyclist on Today at 11:32:29 am »
That was interesting, I hadn't realised how often my revised Eureka Perm crossed between England and Wales.  The Eureka Calendar event (which might be run in November if the lockdown gets lifted) has a shorter companion event, the Cheshire Safari, so the donkeys would fit the theme very nicely.
Tandems / Re: Tandem Shopping
« Last post by sg37409 on Today at 11:14:11 am »
Just had it confirmed that our frame is in the shop and we're going to go get it next weekend.  Can't wait to get it.  We'll also find out if its modern or traditional branding.  I'd opt for traditional though.

It will be good to hear how the Sapphire compares to your Thorn tandem once you have it.

The main difference will be to the length of it: The stoker reach was short on our thorn raven twin, which we got as an interim solution for when our boys were small.  I'll report on how it feels once we've got it.  :thumbsup:
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Desk advice - timber for DIY desktop
« Last post by road-runner on Today at 11:03:40 am »
Finally the keyboard drawer- any recommendations?

A friend put a keyboard drawer under his desktop. See posts 5 and 7 here.

Arts and Entertainment / Re: What was the last film you watched?
« Last post by T42 on Today at 10:59:27 am »
It's telling that when you google parasite you immediately get a page of links to the film and not a thing about liver fluke, tape-worm, filariasis, Madura foot, Cummings, etc.  Oh, one forlorn link about Floridian water-snakes.  Google is shit these days.
The Knowledge / Re: Best glue to fix a crank
« Last post by grams on Today at 10:35:02 am »
Tin foil.

(Really I’d stick it on eBay and make it someone else’s “thing I’m sure I can fix”)
The Knowledge / Re: Best glue to fix a crank
« Last post by LittleWheelsandBig on Today at 10:31:11 am »
This is not a trivial bonding problem and I don’t have enough specialist knowledge to give a specific recommendation.

Adhesives have maximum and minimum clearances to achieve their rated bonding capacity. Given you seem to have an interference fit between axle and crank, achieving the minimum clearance over a sufficient percentage of the area to be bonded might be tough. Most of the adhesive might be removed while you insert the axle in the crank.

You need something with a retarded gel time to give you enough time to refit the axle. Most cyanoacrylates set too quickly.

If you are determined to fix it, I would be trying to cool the axle to shrink it and retard the adhesive’s gel time. As long as you don’t go too far below the adhesive’s minimum application temperature, it should all work as the axle heats up after being inserted. I would be contacting the technical support folk of an adhesive manufacturer for specific advice.
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