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Audax / Re: Island randonnées
« Last post by sg37409 on Today at 12:30:21 pm »
"The Five Ferry fandango" . . .   broad schedule . . .  if the finish line is at Fishnish at 219km (Oban is also over 200km). 
Here's a RwGPS route for that:
Looks great. ... <snip>

It does indeed.  I'm pencilling this in for next summer.
I can understand PF in the super high performance bike market i.e. pro teams' racing bikes where every saved gram and watt adds up, but for the wider mass market, bleurgh.

If the pro teams have and I do therefore I am a pro.
OT Knowledge / Re: Wheelchair friendly stations
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Today at 12:26:58 pm »
Ah, "All the Stations"! I bet they know a thing or two...
OT Knowledge / Re: Wheelchair friendly stations
« Last post by essexian on Today at 12:21:49 pm »
This video of gives an example of when a step free access doesn't really mean you can use the station without help!

(CBH and I almost moved to Broome once...until I discovered how long it took to get from there to that London by train!)
Phototalk / Re: Bought any photography stuff today?
« Last post by Woofage on Today at 12:09:21 pm »
Having just "sold" my Panasonic Lumix G6 and 14-42 lens to Miss W, I've just replaced it with a G80 plus 12-60  :smug:.

It's a lot bigger (and heavier) than my old camera but the controls are more positive. Most importantly it has a proper 2 wheel control setup rather than the bodged version on previous G series bodies. I look forward to its first proper outing.

Need a second battery first though.
OT Knowledge / Re: Wheelchair friendly stations
« Last post by cygnet on Today at 12:08:28 pm »
B1. “Step-free access to all platforms - may include long or steep ramps. Access
between platforms may be via the street."
This station does not meet the A criteria, but has step-free access (to all platforms) likely to
be usable by many people with reduced mobility. Access may be via ramps, up to 1:10
gradient (any length)

That is steep - and any length!
Compare with design rules for footbridges which have a recommended gradient of 1:20 and maximum of 1:12 with landings
Rides and Touring / Re: Mid-Essex Mid-Week Nocturnal Series
« Last post by Carlosfandango on Today at 12:04:50 pm »
Bugger, I'm still banned from Shitham.

I'll have to sneak in, incognito after dark!
OT Knowledge / Re: Wheelchair friendly stations
« Last post by Kim on Today at 12:04:49 pm »
It's one thing to be a cyclist stranded by bollocks data, but for some wheelchair users it's very serious in terms of health as they can't sit in a cold/wet station for X hours for the next train.

There's more than a little overlap.  While a cyclist or buggy user might have less trouble getting on and off the train without a ramp than most wheelchair users, there are plenty with disabilities who would be comprehensively defeated by a steps-only footbridge.

Information is power.
Phototalk / Re: 3rd party batteries
« Last post by Woofage on Today at 12:03:54 pm »
Follow-up. The latest Ex-Pro battery I got seems perfectly fine (it's in my son's Canon 7DII).

Unfortunately they no longer do batteries for the Lumix G series so off to Duracell I go (thanks Mike  :thumbsup:).
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