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OT Knowledge / Re: Reccommend a British 'English' online dictionary?
« Last post by Kim on Yesterday at 02:10:29 pm »
* how does one superscript a number after a word on this forum?

Select the number (or any other text) and use the "sup" button.

Or manually wrap it in [sup][/sup] tags:



Audax / Re: A question for organisers
« Last post by Manotea on Yesterday at 02:02:27 pm »
Waiting for the last rider at Staplefield, East Sussex Hilly... could be worse, last year it rained cats and dogs!
Freewheeling / Re: VeloViewer Explorer Score and Max Square
« Last post by Chris S on Yesterday at 01:55:53 pm »
That, is total geeky awesomeness. Love it!
The Knowledge / Re: Reflective soft shell performance kit
« Last post by Ben T on Yesterday at 01:26:38 pm »
As one who lives and rides in France I find nothing unreasonable about wearing hi-viz clothing outside built-up areas after dark. Most cycle-tourists were already doing it before the law came along.

As someone who doesn't live in France, and now tries to avoid doing so where possible. I find anything that discourages cycling is a Bad Thing™. Needing hivi to cycle on a road outside a built up area suggests that the relationship between road users has fundamentally broken down. If the only way a motorist can see a rider is if they are reflecting on their body, rather than just the rear light, pedal, & rear reflector, then they should perhaps slow the fsck down. I say that as someone who used to drive for a living.

Whilst I agree that everything you say is technically correct - I see it as not that black and white.
I simply feel that although vehicle drivers can see me when I'm wearing black, as they should be able to - they can see me better with a reflective vest on.

I agree that you shouldn't be forced to (although I don't get that wound up about it).
Health & Fitness / Re: Labral tear of the Hip
« Last post by chrisbainbridge on Yesterday at 01:18:41 pm »
I go to private Pilates class 3 students to one teacher.  2 are women.  One of the women puts me to shame as she is extremely fit athletically.

The evening mat class has a very large number of men who are all triathletes, swimmers, etc.
On The Road / Re: Did the CTC/CUK and LCC make the correct call?
« Last post by Kim on Yesterday at 01:04:37 pm »
Do they have a policy of only supporting family friendly events, then?  (I assume it's 'not family friendly' on account of all the death imagery...)

If so, fair enough, though it seems a bit excessive not to mention it to their members.

I didn't hear about it until after the event, which I attributed to not being involved in London-specific groups.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: What books are we reading at the moment ?
« Last post by Torslanda on Yesterday at 01:03:05 pm »
Max "Hitler" Hastings' breeze-block sized history of the Vietnam War is staring accusingly at me every time I go into the kitchen, as if to say "stop twatting around with Babbage-Engines and start reading me!"

I have a similar sized tome, 'In Defence of the Realm' or similar - a history of the UK Security Services, bought for me by Redshift OTP.

I see it on a bookshelf every time I climb the stairs. In a Dirk Gently way I believe it has started to lurk seriously...
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Pop Master
« Last post by Torslanda on Yesterday at 12:56:14 pm »
Bolleaux! Missed it . . .
Rides and Touring / Re: Upcoming cycle race
« Last post by Kim on Yesterday at 12:51:20 pm »
Cycle racing isn’t permitted on British roads? That’s news to me*. So what exactly have I been a commissaire for in the last 8 years? Groups of riders, numbers on their backs, set off together, first one to finish wins; looks like a cycle race to me.

*The Cycle Racing on Highways Regulations,1960

I defer to your superior knowledge - I'm only regurgitating what I've learned from this forum.  Under what circumstances (other than closed roads, as I already covered) are races permitted?

ETA: Skimming the regulations, it looks like under 40 competitors, no riding at dusk or dawn, the route has to loop back on itself, and something really obscure about avoiding long stretches of roads with speed limits.  And notifying the police as per time trials.

That explains why things like the TCR can't take place in the UK.  I suppose the limit on the number of competitors dooms such races to relative obscurity.
The Pub / Re: First-World Problems.
« Last post by T42 on Yesterday at 12:51:11 pm »
Poor bloody animals.
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