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The Pub / Re: First-World Problems.
« Last post by T42 on Today at 09:42:41 am »
Wretched 'live' news articles that you have to read from the bottom up.
Audax / Re: ACME Anvil Winter Series
« Last post by Bernster on Today at 09:31:21 am »
Thanks to Tomsk and helpers for an excellent day out - please can we book that weather for every December ride! Thoroughly good company on the road with Elliot and Nick, I was certainly feeling it in my legs yesterday, suggesting that we rode the calendar ride rather briskly... let's say the return leg of my ECE was slightly less aggressively paced  ;D
The Pub / Re: what I have learned today.
« Last post by T42 on Today at 09:23:05 am »
That a mush-faker was a 19th-century tradesman who mended umbrellas, mush being short for mushroom and a faker being any kind of artisan.
Velo Fixe / Re: Replacing track chain
« Last post by pumpkin on Today at 09:22:20 am »
changed the drivetrain and there is a lot of noise from it. So new chain (KMC B1) new ring and sprocket - all 1/8". Chain isn't bar-taut but the noise disappears once the drive train is going at a pace. It's under load that it's noisy. Any suggestions on making it quieter?
The Pub / Re: The "I'm Such a Fecking Div" Thread
« Last post by Riggers on Today at 09:21:22 am »
Two big deadlines this week, one of which was expected. The other is a client that provided insufficient information ten weeks ago, a bit more last week and now suddenly wants their report with urgency. I've spent the last two days trying to work out how to turn "they've done fuck all" into recommendations

"The Client has done the worst part of Fuck All. I recommend they pull their collective thumbs out of their collective arses and sort it eh fuck out."

That should do it?

If I'm stuck on deliverables for a project, I simply do a bubble plot and put that in a report. You can put three random variables in the same space and it's inestimably popular because everyone hates graphs but likes bubbles. It explains with some precision what happens when you have this, that, and the other. Sometimes I'll tell them it's based on data produced by AI. They like that even more. Those bubbles are the best bubbles of all.

If I really want to go to town I do node plot thing. But that's for special occasions and costs more because it tells the client that some stuff connects to other stuff more than it does to other stuff.

It must also be pleasing for you, knowing there're idiots like me who, having just read wot you sed above, are staring at it slack-jawed, thinking: "WTF is he going on about!??"
On The Road / Re: I could have commuted in today but...
« Last post by Riggers on Today at 09:15:05 am »
Working from home now, and no longer get the bike out in the morning for the half mile commute. It does go out, but can now avoid the rush-hour/kids-to-school madness. Having said that, this time of year, building up to Christmas it appears the rush-hour twattery is extended throughout much of the day.
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Advent of Code
« Last post by Greenbank on Today at 09:05:31 am »
Opposite problem for me, and it wasn't fixed in the 15 minutes I have this morning so I'll have to pick it up later this afternoon when I've done all of my chores.

[EDIT] Spotted it, fixed and day 9 part 2 ran without problems!
The Knowledge / Re: What tubeless sealant?
« Last post by Bobby on Today at 09:03:21 am »
I've used Orange Seal for the last year, seems good.

I know it's marketed for MTBs, but has anybody tried this? (looks promising)
The missus is drinking sexist 'tea'.  "Women's Tea" it says on the wee envelope round the bag. "Yes," she says. "They do a Men's Tea as well, it's got chillis in it." :facepalm:
The BBC has announced the leading cast members for a forthcoming adaptation of PTerry's Night Watch books.

Varying mileage has ensued:

More cast members for BBC America's The Watch have been revealed. Expect more varying mileage....

Cheery is female. A female dwarf. Half the point of her character is that she is:
A) one of the first female members of the watch
B) a female dwarf when nobody is really sure they have seen a female dwarf
C) she brings her own, female, aesthetic to traditional dwarfish wear.

Lady Sybil is large and not so young. A lovely, large character. One of the few in fiction and beloved by many.
So they have some young and slim playing the part?
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