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Audax / Re: Wild Atlantic Way Audax 2020
« Last post by phil w on Yesterday at 04:51:49 pm »
It was 2100km and 175 hours in 2016 , but here’s the itinerary which won’t change much for 2020 and 2200km and 184 hours. Though I think Ballyheigue may be replaced by Tralee and Curran Bothy by Westport, and Lackenhagh by Dunfanaghy.

1. Kinsale -> Kenmare 322km
2. Kenmare -> Ballyheigue 320km
3. Ballyheigue -> Oranmore (You cross Shannon after about 2 hours riding) 265km
4. Oranmore -> Curran Bothy (Just before Achill Island) 300km
5. Curran Bothy -> Ballina 296km
6. Ballina -> Lackenhagh 296km
7. Lackenhagh -> Derry 311km

Yes you’d cross the Shannon about 2 hours into your day 3 riding on the 29th.
The Knowledge / Re: Touring bike
« Last post by Brucey on Yesterday at 04:41:13 pm »
note of caution; your galaxy may or may not have a nice springy fork. If you get a frameset with disc brakes and a steel fork, the chances are that the fork will be somewhat stiffer than a nice springy fork usually is.

So some folk notice that their nice new bike doesn't ride quite as well as their old one. Other times they don't notice and/or there isn't a big difference because the fork on the rim-braked bike was built strong/stiff anyway.

If you are concerned about this, try to ride old and prospective new  bikes with similar tyres/pressures back to back and compare how they feel.

The Pub / Re: First-World Problems.
« Last post by Davef on Yesterday at 04:41:06 pm »

Pah!  Call that a First World Problem...
... I couldn't find the tofu press earlier.   :o
I have never heard of a tofu press!  Now I need one!

I hate to say it... but it does make the tofu much easier to cook with.  Press it, marinate it, press it again and - bingo - edible tofu.
That’s an oxymoron, that is.
I imagined the purpose of the tofu press was similar to those things for compressing empty drink cans.

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Ship abandoned near Bermuda in October 2018 runs aground in Ireland.
Mayday, mayday our ship is sinking very very slowly.

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The Knowledge / Re: Tubeless for Dummies
« Last post by Davef on Yesterday at 04:34:29 pm »
Most of the time my tubeless punctures are sealing themselves unattended. On the 3 occasions where I have had to intervene and top up fluid etc it has always been during heavy rain. Three is not really enough to be statistically valid so it could just be a coincidence.

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The Knowledge / Re: Touring bike
« Last post by bludger on Yesterday at 04:30:20 pm »
I have a now-discontinued Kona, the Wheelhouse.

I've had a terrific time with it, works really well for audax, touring, even a bit of cyclocross racing. From what I can see the Sutra is the more road-ish of the two but they both look great. They're all-steel including the fork though, I really like mine's carbon fork. Have to say I really like the look of this version of the rove, which comes complete with decent looking wheels, posh saddle and bag gubbins plus mudguards all for £2000 which isn't at all bad.

I like my Kona so much that I committed the 'sin' of paying to upgrade the groupo and headset to 105 hydraulic and to a Hope pick'n mix one respectively.
Racing / Re: Atlas Mountain Race.
« Last post by Frank9755 on Yesterday at 04:27:28 pm »
There is a german company which makes a bag for the top of the rear triangle.  Expensive.  and only worth it on large frames
Audax / Re: Salisbury Get Together 15th February 2020
« Last post by Shaun the Sheep on Yesterday at 04:24:34 pm »
Oh ok, with the weather being so shit we thought everyone had cried off. We'll have to try again next year!
Audax / Re: ACME Easter Arrow 2020
« Last post by Wycombewheeler on Yesterday at 04:14:16 pm »
I’m not doing an arrow this year as we finished with only fifteen minutes to spare last year and it was probably my fault

The essence of the arrow is to complete the distance using the whole 24 hours, so that's just about perfect!
Indeed. Riding faster would just mean longer stops. Arriving with much more than 15 minutes spare would lead to consideration of going past ans back again
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Do you pay for your music?
« Last post by mrcharly-YHT on Yesterday at 04:13:54 pm »
Need to be able to pick multiple options.

I have a Spotify subscription. I also sometimes buy CDs at gigs. If I like a particular track I've heard, I'll purchase the track directly (online purchase).
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