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Further and Faster / Re: Base training
« Last post by Legs on Yesterday at 06:12:55 pm »
I you add 10kg to your weight, your avatar will move more slowly, especially uphill.  Putting out, say, 200w will/should feel like putting out 200w irrespective of your weight or speed.

I can see the point of loading up your panniers with bricks and riding IRL to accustomise yourself to the handling of the bike and align your expectations of speed, but there is zero value of doing so in, say, Zwift.
The other part of the issue is feeling full/ satiety, what if that isn't there.  The mechanism has been damaged, not just fooled but failing.
On The Road / Re: tnaR
« Last post by aidan.f on Yesterday at 06:06:38 pm »
Sent a thank you message to the van driver who parked and waited until I had time to take his details as witness after my pal Ken got knocked off by a car pulling out. Fortunately Ken's OK, just a slight sore knee and the bike needs some bar tape. I spent a bit of time taking pictures and informing the driver that Ken did not just 'fall off' but was pushed!
Food & Drink / Re: What are you drinking right now?
« Last post by Mrs Pingu on Yesterday at 06:05:58 pm »
Last night, in fake beer (alcohol free) I had a Big Drop x Amundsen Rush Rider pastry sour (it was also gluten free).
It didn't taste like beer and the fruity flavours were a bit too fake plastic fruit as well. I wouldn't buy it again.
The Pub / Re: Super-Twat
« Last post by Polar Bear on Yesterday at 06:05:24 pm »
Piers Morgan CBE excelled himself again.  Racist, misogynist white privilege twat without an ounce of care or compassion for a non-white woman who might have suffered mental health problems due in part to the incessant bullying of, oh yeah, the British scum media of which he is also a part.
The Pub / Re: Evidence, intelligence and big data
« Last post by Polar Bear on Yesterday at 06:02:16 pm »
The problem is that in many ways you have absolutely no control of your data out there.  Awareness came late once data had already been commercially and governmentally exploited and any protection apparently offered is wafer thin and full of holes.

If I want to be paid I need a bank account.  If I take cash even normally right minded folk will accuse me of being a tax-avoiding scumbag criminal.  Once I have a bank account I can limit my data exposure by using cash but the bank has a record of my withdrawals and increasingly retailers are not taking cash.  If I want to walk around outside there are literally thousands of cameras to track my movement.  If I was a driver there are literally thousands of cameras able to read car registrations on gantries, poles and in police (and probably other) vehicles.  And to pay any taxes due I need a bank account because HMRC don't accept wads of folding.

The law requires me to register with my local authority and be on the electoral roll and yet folk can buy this information.  My healthcare records are supposed to be private but we know that information is shared with private organisations.  The tax man knows how much my income is and who pays me it - that was self-evident when I filled out my tax return because that information was already there when I signed into my government gateway account.   Crapita know where I live and onenof my bank account's details as I have a TV licence because I am a law-abiding person and bought one when I bought a TV 15 months ago. 

All my utility providers both past and present have records of me including my name, address, some further level of contact if offered, and my bank details as do my Internet and mobile phone providers. 

Helping vulnerable people sort out benefits entitlements and / or to look for jobs, homes to rent, sort council tax payments, file papers to court, etc. inevitably has required them to have an online presence.  The surveillance state is well and truly here and is all pervasive and we can do nothing at all about this. 

I don't do loyalty cards but if I did then both the retailers and scheme operators such as Nectar will know what I buy, how much I spend and where I spend it.

If I send an enquiry email to a company about returning a faulty product under warranty then you can bet that Google will start pounding me with ads for similar products.

And I am only scratching the surface.  It is nigh on impossible to live outside eof big data and thus avoid the exploitation that comes with it by both the state and by $BigCos.

I am so looking forward to some level of normality again when I can return to using more cash simply because it's no fucking business of anybody but me if I want to enjoy a coffee with a friend, drop a few pounds into a collection box or Big Issue sellers lap, pick up some fresh produce from a kerbside stall or stick a tank of diesel in my son's beat up old Peugeot Partner.
The Pub / Re: Census thread for discussions about the census
« Last post by hubner on Yesterday at 05:54:54 pm »
Don't forget, in the 'citizenship' question, you can tick more than one box (and must do it you have multiple citizenships).  I put down NZ, British and European (as a write in).  Next census I'll be able to add Irish  :thumbsup:

I presume you mean the "national identity" question as there's no 'citizenship' question. If someone puts in "European" in the passport question, I would think it'll be rejected as there's no such thing.

You can put in anything for "14, How would you describe your national identity?", even Cornish! The paper form gives you these tick boxes:
Welsh (edit: to correct my mistake)
Northern Irish
Other (write your own answer)
Why we ask this question

Your answer helps your community by giving your local authority a better understanding of how people in your area identify themselves.

This information can highlight areas of deprivation among different cultural groups in your community. This gives public bodies a clearer picture of the communities they serve.

The census first asked this question in 2011.

It’s up to you how you answer this question. Select all the national identities that apply. You can select more than one.
Your national identity is what you think it is

Your national identity could be the country or countries where you feel you belong or think of as home. It's not dependent on your ethnic group or citizenship.

This question allows you to record an identity that isn't listed, if you want to.

For example, you can:

    answer as "British" and/or one of the other UK identities
    answer with a British or other identity separately from recording your ethnic group in the next question


Tina was born in Kenya but now lives in England. Her mother is Japanese and her father is English. Tina has spent a great deal of time in Japan and feels a strong connection to the country. Tina describes her identity as British-Japanese.

Tina selects the tick box option that says: "British".

She also selects the tick box option that says "Other" and writes "Japanese".
National identity not listed

If yours isn't listed, select "Other" and write in your national identity in the space provided, such as Cornish, Irish, Polish or Indian. You can give more than one answer if you want to.

You can also use this space to record a community or regional identity.

The idea that answering "European" to "14, How would you describe your national identity?", somehow supports a campaign for the UK to rejoin the EU is dubious. They should be writing "EU" instead.

Europe does not equal the EU, the EU is not Europe. Is there even a "European  national identity"? I would suggest "European" more commonly means "white" in relation to people, would a non-white Briton ever describe themselves as "European"? It's more likely they will say they're from Europe or from a "European country" if they didn't want to name a specific country, not that they are "European".
I just take to be, none. Leave it outside, ride when you need it. I'm curious to see how this pans out. Frankly if it died now after 3 years I think it would be most economical to simply replace for the purchase price (£70), recycling to the local scheme.
Food & Drink / Re: What are you drinking right now?
« Last post by Socks on Yesterday at 05:51:51 pm »
A cheeky Argentinian Tannat, good value and very tasty.  On the other hand if I drank less red wine my cycling might improve.
Food & Drink / Re: What are you drinking right now?
« Last post by Hot Flatus on Yesterday at 05:48:15 pm »
Beers come and go in terms of popularity.  I mean if you are offended by Guinness, just think back to that utterly inexplicable era in the late 80s when Newcastle Brown was all the rage.
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