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Audax / Re: Fenland Friends 600km 22nd/23rd June
« Last post by Phil W on Yesterday at 02:30:19 pm »
It's tarmac to Bardney, then gravel or take the short road alternative to Southrey.  Then Tarmac to Martin Dales. The water railway becomes gravel beyond into Boston. A few gates here and there but not too many. From there take the road the other side of the Martindales bridge to Dogdyke rejoining the official route.  I plan to take a lanes route from Kirton Lindsay to Bardney then Southrey as above.  It's a gently descending route down to Bardney and avoids the choppiness around Lincoln.  Means you miss food opportunities in Lincoln so you'd need to stock up at Glews garage, Goole.  Did most of that in reverse during our Easter Arrow, this year, when we controlled at Woodhall Spa.  The lanes are quiet and well away from those Eastern bypass works.  No extra distance over the official route.

PM if you'd like a copy of my alternate southbound GPX track for that leg, plotted with my recumbent in mind.  If you want to go via Lincoln then my only comments as above jump on road Bardney to Southrey rejoin water railway then road from Martindales.
OT Knowledge / online only banks.... manotea's going fintech
« Last post by Manotea on Yesterday at 02:13:24 pm »
Anybody use online only banks for business?

Looking at tide....
The Pub / Re: The RANT thread (often contains fruity language)
« Last post by Jaded on Yesterday at 01:49:06 pm »
Yes, that verge looks like it needs deep cross ditches about every 20 feet for drainage...
Caption It / Re: Caption it #1972
« Last post by T42 on Yesterday at 01:17:00 pm »
Needs a hanky and a wall.
The Pub / Re: The RANT thread (often contains fruity language)
« Last post by Vernon on Yesterday at 01:11:55 pm »
Or dig a nice big ditch.
On The Road / Re: On the commute today
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Yesterday at 12:10:49 pm »
Traffic lights should have a time element as well as a sensor, so that each direction gets a green light once every n minutes if it hasn't been triggered anyway. This isn't always present but it sounds like it was in your case. I expect there's a standard for the value of n but what it is, whether it's satisfactory and whether it's always followed, I don't know.
Audax / Re: Fenland Friends 600km 22nd/23rd June
« Last post by stefan on Yesterday at 11:58:25 am »
I've been looking at the Water Railway. What would it be like as an alternative route (assuming it isn't flooded) all the way between Lincoln and Boston?
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by spesh on Yesterday at 11:34:49 am »
Staring At The Rude Boys - The Ruts
PS May involve beer
Is that Flaunden near Bovingdon in Hertfordshire?  Might be able to help, if it doesn't clash with an event my wife is doing.

It sure is.. would be great to see anyone...
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