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'household' BP monitors
« on: December 22, 2017, 08:07:17 am »
Because of MrsC's recent (near explosive) BP measuring, we've bought a BP monitor, an Omnicron M7

What fun.
She has BP all over the place - 130/80 sometimes, then 17x/90. But consistent heart rate in the 50s when rested.

My resting heart rate is in the 60s but BP 128/78. Not so good.

The 'teenagers' (ok, they are twenty) . . .
BP okish, but their resting heart rates!  80 -90 bpm. That included the one that goes jogging now and then (but only a few km).
Little MissC, who hasn't had any exercise for a couple of years (but used to cycle a fair bit) had better BP and heart rate than any of them.

So a core basis of getting decently fit pays off, it seems. I always thought so.
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Re: 'household' BP monitors
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I had no idea what mine was until the BF bought a monitor a while back - he has high blood pressure (high enough to need medication, and he's only 36). I forget what the actual figures are for mine, but each time I've tested it it's come out in the "optimal" range according to the app that the monitor uses. 8)

Re: 'household' BP monitors
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I got one after a scare at the local surgery - somewhat amusingly when I was called back the practice nurse observed that Dr X would make anybodies blood pressure increase!

I've found my home readings consistently increase by 15 points when presented with 'an actual Doctor'. Positively, I've gone from 120/80 at home to more like 115/75 over the last year as I've lost a bit of weight and done a few miles on the bike and running. Age is just 52.