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Look Keo Pedals
« on: April 20, 2018, 09:32:57 am »
I have been using Look Keo pedals for many years , starting with the classic’s(which I still have 2 sets of which are still fine) and over the last few years going onto the blades and am finding that the blade design does not last on the bearing front .
One set lasted 2 years of best bike use before play and bearing wear occurred
Next set less than that
My latest blade2s are very draggy on the bearings after about a years use after the Elenydd soaking ☔️☔️
So I’m thinking about moving over to Shimano and would like to know are they more durable?
I have had know feet issues at all while using the looks which is why I have stuck with them but am starting to get annoyed at pedals every two years 😕

Re: Look Keo Pedals
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Can't comment on SL's as I've never used them, but I'm another one who is getting annoyed at the increasing lack of life from Keo bearings. SL's aren't an option as I'm using 9 degrees of float and the max with shimano is 6.

I think next time I'll try Boardman pedals and keep the keo cleats

Samuel D

Re: Look Keo Pedals
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Shimano pedal bearings are generally excellent.

I’m considering moving to SPD-SL myself, mainly because Look Delta cleats wear out so fast (a few months) and are getting hard to find (i.e. expensive) into the bargain. Plus, I’m getting more squeaking as more of the aluminium platform wears away where the cleat rubs against it.

The Dura-Ace SPD-SL pedals have a roller bearing in addition to two ball bearings unlike the other SPD-SL pedals that lack the roller bearing. (However, the latest PD-R9100 may have dumped the roller bearing for a simple bushing. I’m not sure about that and would appreciate confirmation from someone who’s looked inside.)

For that matter, I don’t fully understand the Ultegra, etc., bearing arrangement since I cannot find a 2-D section view to see how the parts interface. Shimano’s 3-D exploded view obscures the relationship between parts. Is there a metal bushing in the middle?

At any rate, the Dura-Ace pedals have a lower stack height because of this bearing arrangement. Not sure if that matters to you … or anyone.

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Well as it appears I’m not alone with these bearing issues I’m going to give the Shimano ones a try hoping they are a more durable option, thanks for the replies.