Author Topic: Rant alert: I wonder whether Michael Mason would be alive if he'd had a mirror?  (Read 2870 times)


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I started using mirrors both sides after riding UAF Paris-Tourmalet, i.e. in a pack: at one point I was about 18" from the verge and some twat kept sidling up on the inside to shelter just behind my shoulder - at dead of night.
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There but for the grace of random fuckwits in cars, and all that...

I've been unfortunate enough on more than a couple of occasions to be facing the random fuckwit. The truth is if you are not carrying enough speed whereby a quick flick of the front wheel is going to translate you several feet laterally you are a sitting duck with the general demeanor of a bowl of petunias. There is video around of me stopping some forty feet short of the impending accident only to watch the driver swerve left, then right, call out sorry, then swerve left again before finally hitting me. The dynamics of being rear ended are similar - the advantage of speed and manoeuvrability lies with the following vehicle and any increased awareness a mirror might grant of an impending impact is probably only going to be enough to allow you to tack on an additional word to your initial "Oh..."
Lots of magical thinking goes on after these sort of events and it very rarely addresses the actual cause that could have been prevented.
A world of bedlam trapped inside a small cyclist.

Rear facing camera?

This is a case in point?

I was progressing down Cams Hall in Fareham, and saw the lights change. so slow down.

I just had a sense about the vehicle behind me, that the engine noise hadn't changed and was too high. Sort of an impending sense of doom), so I pulled across into the slip for Cams Hall itself and carried on through the lights into the Cams Hall road itself

Had I been in the normal position.......

I have and use mirrors, but in this case to was the engine noise and sixth sense that warned me, the mirror was a simple confirmation

Can't get the video link to work, so here is a link to the rear camera video


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I doubt SPEED per se was an issue in the Michael Mason case. Regent Street in the rush hour is usually congested and stop-start.

IIRG Gail Purcell's car did not have a conventional petrol engine and might have been nearly silent. I suspect it could accelerate quickly and a quiet accelerating vehicle, driven without due care and attention killed the man.

Had to check, I thought it was a Toyota rav4.  I was wrong it was a Nissan Juke (not electric)

The speeding comment I made was about a witness (a pedestrain) on regent street and that the murderer was driving at what is the speed limit in that area?  Here is a big hint, she was over it.  Can go on.  And on and on.  It will just make me angry.