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I’m out :( just emailed my remaining qualifiers to confirm a DNS on both, and the ferry company to see if I get a refund or not. 

All health related, I need to work out what i’m eating that makes me ill and (assuming it is wheat) do a better job of working out how to avoid it whilst on my bike - so far i’m being ill on every audax :(. Time to focus on my health, PBP will wait.

Do I have to do something with PBP, or simply ignore it now, safe in the knowledge that not finishing my qualifiers will be enough?

As a coeliac I can sympathise - took me years of feeling properly ill to work it out, but since then all good and I am back to Audax - good luck and you are right to prioritise health.

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Just imagine the schism if Scotland gets independence! Not only we (the English, Welsh and Northern Irish) not be able to cross into Europe we will not be able to ride on the A7 North of Carlisle. Along with our economy collapsing we will be unable to travel and will not have enough to eat and all continental food will either be banned or unavailable. Stella will become a luxury item and people in BMWs will mug tramps and chavs just to get the high status Belgian beer. People will build towers on the white cliffs of Dover just to catch a glimce of the promised land. As society as we know it collapses there is hope a new ride, London Land's End London is announced and it it will all be in good old England. Shunned by the Scots and the Continentals (term last used by Ron Atkinson) we are are destined to cycle on this divided land.


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Stella will become a luxury item

Almost plausible apart from that bit.

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....the A7 North of Carlisle.......Stella.........

Scots are increasingly stocking up with Stella etc in places such as Carlisle & Berwick, following the introduction of minimum alcohol unit pricing north of the border.   

Carlisle is our Calais.   :o

“We’re selling it from pallets rather than the shelf". 



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 :o indeed!
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Wonder how many tins you have to buy for the price difference to cover the cost of the drive down from the central belt.
Makes more sense if you'd normally shop at Gala, Jedburgh or Dumfries I suppose.

Similarly when I visited the town of Comiens in France, as I walked from the station towards the town centre and then onto the bridge I noted it is very different from others, there's am abnormally low number of Tabacs and cafés.
On crossing the bridge and into Belgium I was bombarded with a street of Cafés and Tabacs.

Although what was weirder was the train on the Belgian side, I was unaware that the town is in an enclave of Wallonia, so for one stop only the guard spoke French first followed by Flandrian.

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It's worth thinking what shops will be open in relation to your pace and start time. It's not worth knowing that there's a Netto in Tinteniac, and a supermarket in Sizun, if they will be closed when you're there.
I've never been in Loudeac at a time to shop at the nearby Aldi.