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Re: The Plastic Assembly Kit Thread
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Back by popular demand, I thought I'd update this thread.

My current WIP is the Moebius Models Catwoman.

Box shot:

Torso assembled and primed after major surgery to her left shoulder area to get her hand to sit on her hip:

And testing some thinned, strained through a 190 micron mesh paint strainer, black glittery holographic nail polish through the airbrush to try and recreate Julie Newmar's costume:

Crash test spoon primed and airbrushed flat black.

 :-\ Glitter is a bit big for airbrushing:

But thinned and strained:

it actually went on quite nicely (albeit at 30psi through the airbrush). Camera hasn't picked up the nice glittery look though:

And here's Julies costume: