Author Topic: How do you keep up with current affairs/culture?  (Read 2864 times)

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Re: How do you keep up with current affairs/culture?
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In order of frequency:

Print: der Spiegel, Kindle edition at a rate of one copy every two weeks, not quite enough to justify a subscription
TV: rbb regional news
TV: about 20 other german free-to-air satellite TV channels
TV: Al Jazeera English
TV: BBC News 24, whatever's showing in the 5 minute period before the 5-min-before-the-hour weather
Print: Tabloid headlines, viewed on working days when I pass by the newpaper stand to collect my lunch in Sainsbury's, Friar Street, Reading
Online: YACF, I lurk in POBI and then follow up some of the themes in the WWW
Print: New Scientist and the Economist, I always take a copy of each on holiday.  Nowadays that's when I can't take the Kindle, so about once per year
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