Author Topic: Dontcha just love it...  (Read 621 times)

Dontcha just love it...
« on: November 18, 2008, 10:08:55 pm »
...when a plan comes together never exists in the first place?

We went to the supermarket at Orange Sticky-Label Time (the social highlight of Leatherheathen evenings! ) only to find stacks of "sell by 18th Nov" cakes on the shelf and not a member of staff with a sticky-label gnu in sight. We joined the mournful throng gazing wistfully at the cakes for a bit, and then gave up and went home, cakeless.  :'(

So I thought I would make some muffins, and prepare a chilli con carne for tomorrow. Mid-way through weighing out the flour and melting the butter for the muffins, I thought "I wonder if there's a good chilli recipe in the G&B Chocolate Cook Book?" Answer: no, but there's a damn fine chilli-chocolate muffin recipe, for which I have all the ingredients! :thumbsup:

Hmmm, that muffin recipe doesn't use butter, but I suppose I could always soften the onions for the chilli con carne in this melted butter I have prepared. No I can't - I have no tomatoes, so no chilli after all. Oh well, flapjacks it is then!

So tomorrow, we will have flapjacks and muffins! But I still don't know what's for dinner.
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