Author Topic: Lump on inside of knee cap - is it related to cycling / cleat placement?  (Read 598 times)

I had a bit of a strange injury yesterday.

 I was kneeling down (to wipe up baby vomit, to give a bit of context), and my knee suddenly started to hurt. I moved off it but it was still hurting.

When I looked at it there was a lump, the size of a marble, on the inside of my kneecap. Lump went down with ice but a little bit of swelling remains when it warms up and it feels tender, but OK for walking, bending and, probably, cycling

I had a cleat fitting two days before and had done 30km on the new cleats plus a turbo session yesterday morning, all pain free. 

Google suggests bursitis or possibly a torn meniscus but will have to wait for next week to see anyone qualified. Google doesn't suggest it is a cycling thing, more a kneeling thing, but 'new shoes then knee explodes 2 days later' is a cause for concern. 

Has anyone come across this as a cycling related injury? What was done to fix it? 

Water in the knee? I had it once.

From cycling or other cause?

Not cycling. I cant remember how I got it.


<disclaimer> I am not a medical person </disclaimer> but I have done this to myself several times, usually by kneeling down onto something hard like a piece of lego! Sounds like bursitis, an anti-inflammatory drug might help. My doctor advised me to keep it moving using pain killers if necessary.


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fwiw, I have a bursa but not bursitis (as in: nice lump of jelly on the inside of my knee but no pain* so conclusion was to leave it alone).
If it gets inflamed it becomes bursitis, I think.

Hospy did an echographie (sorry, forgot the english word, again) showing there was a link from the knee joint to the lump.
GP and I thought it might have been a ganglion, and attempted to suck it out (clear jelly very like what they put on your tum if preggy and getting an echographie).

*nuisance factor in that my fave sleeping position now less available due to lump in the way
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Thanks for comments. 
Mine is definitely not related to cycling. Got round a 200 yesterday with no issues. The only time it bothered me was when I had to put more air in my tyre and knelt down to pump.


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Housemaid's knee and clergyman's knee are due to a bursa (fluid pouch) in front of the upper and lower parts of the knee respectively.

They are related to the kneeling habits of said occupations.