Author Topic: Just Diagnosed as having a Nasal Polyp...  (Read 485 times)

Just Diagnosed as having a Nasal Polyp...
« on: April 29, 2010, 08:59:09 pm »
... been feeling rough for maybe 2 months, very sinusy, like a bad head could, lots of mega-sneezing fits, mucousy throat, generally feeling a bit head-explody.
Couple weeks ago went to the GP and saw the locum, she reckoned sinus infection and gave me antibiotics which had no effect.

Any how, thought was getting better, but last night getting back into H'row felt really rough, total blockage. Bad night sleep too. Rooting around this morning <GROSS ALERT/>

Thought I could feel a giant firm bogey, but just couldn't shift it. Unable to get a quick Docs appointment that worked for me I went to our local (and quiet) A&E where they have a Doctor on duty who quickly diagnosed a Nasal polyp. Doing a bit of a google, this would seem to be the baby.

Anybody experience of these things?  I'll be glad when it's treated.

It's probably what made me feel carp prior to (and after) the FNRttS...