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Blackcurrant Tea
« on: February 21, 2011, 05:31:20 pm »
Some months ago Twinings, and therefore Sainsbury's, stopped their Blackcurrant fruit tea which was a real pain as I enjoyed a cup on a regular basis.  I have not yet found another make of fruit tea that is drinkable.  Does anybody have any suggestions for an alternative blackcurrant tea or maybe a pack of Sainsbury's in their kitchen cupboard and can tell me the ingredients so I can compare it to those that are on the market.

I have recently tried Clipper Blackcurrant and Acai Berry Infusion and was amazed to find that it is only 1% blackcurrant!  The major ingredient is hibiscus.  Stale tasting and not pleasant!  How it can be described as Blackcurrant and Acai Berry when they are the two minor ingeredients is beyond me!

Hope someone can help.