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The Academy restaurant , Liverpool
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A friend & I ate here last night, I'd been meaning to try it for ages.

It's a restaurant run by Liverpool Community College & staffed by it's students under the supervision of their tutors, with a very good reputation.

We walked in and were sat down,  I had a slight shock with the staff, I'd been expecting them to be 18+, but they wore mostly 16-17.

Our waiter was called Jack, at the younger end of that age range & was very nervous, good service , but we did overhear a whispered "napkins!" from the maitre d' (who came over to us several times to chat about the food & discuss how they run the place)  Jack cooks for the lunchtime menu, but has to spend time working "front of house" as well.

We opted for the 6 course tasting menu,  tiny portions of exquisitely cooked food , starting with lobster bisque, then mussels in a pernod cream sauce.  Half a quail each had both Steve & myself  commenting that you really needed fingers for something so small!  My beef medallion was cooked rare (I wasn't asked) & wasn't as tender as some I've had, the accompanying Oxtail ravioli was lovely, as was the banana souffle.

After checking that tips went to the staff we paid & left, but I think we'll be back to this one.
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