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Re: ACME Miscellany
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Auk Board have announced perms and DIY up to 300km will be validated from $data, where $data = 29/03/21.  Data driven you see 🤔


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Re: ACME Miscellany
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Question for @Tomsk that a few might be interested in.

For the Essex SR, will perms still be permissible as last year, or will it be back to calendar rides plus ECE's, which I think was the case previously?

I'm hoping we'll see a number of the Essex calendar events appear soon ... I certainly need to be doing quite a number in order to be ready for another ACME Grand in September.

I'll be fairly relaxed about the Essex SR rules again for 2020-21, I guess! I think I've digested the implications for me of the current state of play: no Horsepower this year, but from 29th March perms up to 300km are ok. (Maybe ride the HP route anyway and at some point the permanent Horses For Courses 200km?) But The Woodman and Daughter in April should be ok, and longer distances in due course. Woodman will be X-Rated though, no cream teas at the finish :( I rode that route a week ago btw. Paslow Hall Farm is a mess, with the yard churned up due to the new barn construction.