Author Topic: Schwalbe Durano Plus Etape 700 x 23 folding tyres  (Read 136 times)

Schwalbe Durano Plus Etape 700 x 23 folding tyres
« on: December 27, 2018, 08:53:06 pm »
Been using these for all-weather commuting for about 10 weeks so far.  Very impressed.  Good grip on wet roads and no "moments" on greasy corners.  Wear looks very low after about 400 miles and no cuts.  Unlike M+, the weight of the slimmed-down SmartGuard foam layer is not discernible when riding.  They roll well, too.  Ride is a bit hard at 100/120 psi but it is a 23mm.  You can get these in 25 if you want.  £16 each from Spa now.

Also used in 700c for winter commuting: Vredestein Fortezza Quattro 23mm (tough but very poor grip, terrifying on roundabouts), plain Durano 25mm (kept blowing off rim; the max pressure is ludicrously low), Conti UltraGatorSkins 23mm (puncture if you look at them), Schwalbe Marathon Racer old type 30mm  (reliable and fairly grippy but not very fast).
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