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[LEL17] LEL the Movie.
« on: August 08, 2017, 04:33:11 pm »
We've made a start on our LEL film, importing and logging footage. We like to get a feel for how it might look, so I assembled a Yad Moss montage.

We used a professional drone company, Hovershotz. I was impressed that they got anything given the conditions. I used three cameras of my own, and the drone in this sequence; Canon XF100, Canon Mini X, and a Sony X1000 V action camera.

I first met Daniel Sikar at the Alston control in 2009, when I rode and filmed LEL. He was a gift for soundbites.

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Those drone shots are superb!

Once again, looks like we are in for a treat regards the LEL film.

may I please reserve a copy now!

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Having read a great many LEL ride reports. This week I shall be mainly editing video, in the evening, in a yurt, in the Scottish Borders, after a day spent hedgelaying, at an organic farm/ cafe, on the LEL route.