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Hi, I have tried both the Tagalong and Trailgator to attach my daughter's Islabike to my bike.
I have found both devices rotate on the seatpost, leaving daughter leaning alarmingly at 45 degrees! I have tried shims/padding and tightening the bolts to almost breaking point with no success at stopping the movement.

Has anyone any recommendations of a product that is sturdy enough to fix the bikes together without any infuriating movement?
I have just seen a good review for the "Followme"  tandem - Swiss made, very expensive but good review, anyone know this product?

Daughter is now just 5 and absolutely loves riding - 8 miles and counting. I want to use a tandem attachment for any road sections and to tow her along when she's worn herself out!

Thanks in advance,

Lord H.
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Re: Recommendations for child's "tagalong" type attachments to adult bike.
« Reply #1 on: 20 January, 2017, 10:33:00 am »
The trailgator has always looked like a bit of a lash-up to me, though some do report a good experience with them. They have the potential to damage the child bike's head tube. It's also possible to set them up so the front wheel is waaaay off the ground, which looks positively dangerous to me.

Tagalongs (half a bike) are a better solution, but unless your child is extraordinarily talented they can't ride it unattached to the parent bike.  :-)

I've seen the Follow-me in action two or three times and if I had known about them when we had littluns I would have got one (or even two), no question. They look like a superb design, albeit not perfectly executed. I understand they are quite heavy and are a bit of a faff to set up (but once set up, away you go). It's like they're a well developed prototype awaiting a perfect Version 2.  There is however nothing like them on the market (as far as I know).

I'm not aware of anyone here having any direct experience of them, but I could be wrong.
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Re: Recommendations for child's "tagalong" type attachments to adult bike.
« Reply #2 on: 20 January, 2017, 10:35:00 am »
Yes, we have used the 'follow me', initially borrowed off a friend for our grandson. After returning it we then bought one off ebay in very good condition but on reflection the savings weren't huge (like Isla bikes their second hand value holds up very well.

In terms of it's functionality it's very good and works very well. Set up is a bit bewildering at first and it does look a bit complicated but in use it is very stable and you don't get the lean that you describe with the seat post attachment. There is a strap to enable you to hitch up the link when not in use although I'd take it off completely if using your bike for trips that are unlikely to involve linking up (it's good to be able to drop it and attach when needed). The child's bike can leave all the bits on for attachment without getting in the way of riding.

Overall, highly recommended especially as you will be able to sell it a good price when it's no longer in use. 

One last thing to note that for an Islabike you'll need the special front wheel skewer with extended nuts for which you'll be charged a rather high price but you'll need to order this as an extra (and factor that in if you get one of EBay).

The Follow Me seems the best solution.   

Plus - It articulates so the child's bike doesn't lean as you turn and so they get a more realistic ride.  Once you've set it up its fairly easy to hitch and unhitch.   It's durable and lasts (three boys so far).

Minus - it's expensive and for that money you'd expect better materials  that didn't weigh so much or gain surface rust so easily. 

Be careful to check the connection if you've been over bumpy ground - or grounded the child's front tyre on a speed bump or similar.


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Yep.  Follow Me is an excellent solution.  I used an Islabike trailer with a previous child, and, being attached above the axle of the bike, it doesn't tip like a Trailgator or Tagalong.  However, it precludes carrying a babyseat as well (not that that is something I need now, but I did at the time). 

On the other hand, the gears can be set up for the combination travelling at a road speed, whereas a kids bike will spin out quickly on a Follow Me.
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