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Re: Internet in the 1980's
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Probably. I actually can't remember ??? Definitely used WinCIM, and I absolutely remember OLRs, that dialled up to send and receive mail before dropping the line like a hot potato, because time online cost money.

Re: Internet in the 1980's
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Nobody has confessed to using Compuserve (yet).

OK, it's a fair cop.  Did anyone else use TAPCIS ?

Later this year will be the 50th anniversary of the first time I went online (and the first bit of code I ever wrote).

When I was at school a science teacher built his own computer.  It was about the size of a larder fridge and could do a small number of arithmetic operations.  It had lots of chrome and flashing lights and her name was SUSAN. 

Later I had my first internet experience with JANET.
Sic transit and all that..