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« on: October 28, 2008, 07:23:29 pm »
alarm goes, 5 more mins of soft warm bum
quick wash
grap gear, already laid out on radiator
dressed, toasty warm
get the Bialetti on..
Pack bag, shirt & bits all ready folded ready to go
Mug of perfect coffee..
Hit the road
Feeling good, didn't drop to much speed through the hills
roads nice & quiet
roll up to lights at main roundabout..
come to stop & hold trackstand
nobody tries to cut into the space in front of me
through the market as they're setting up
call into bakers
no croisants yet, but smile from pretty girl. think thats better!
get caught by mtb rider, all the gear
not having that, so up to steady cruising speed.
check behind at next junction & i've put 150mtrs into him in 1/2 mile
bike in the rack, i've remembered my keys, all clipped to my bag ready
in & change
maggie's in the kitchen, making tea & singing

that, my friends is why we bike to work

have a good day everyone, enjoy it.