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It's quite clearly the former.
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Re: MTD for VAT
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I've avoided Making Tax Difficult and I have mixed feelings about that.  I've just submitted my final VAT return for the company that has been my working life for the last 15 years, it is no longer registered for VAT.  As of January 2nd I'm an employee of somebody else's company :'(  I asked, when the position was first offered, if I could take it on a contract basis (i.e. through my company instead of direct hire) and did not press the point when the answer was no.  Now I'm in the job I've found there are contract employees in similar positions so I could have.  But the combination of
  • The virtual abolition of tax free dividend income
  • Making Tax Difficult
  • IR351
mean that I'm really not bothered that I didn't.

I'm in the lucky position with my 2nd company that it has never reached the mandatory VAT threshold so I can go on filling out 7 boxes once a quarter.

1 I don't think I'm liable under IR35, the online tool honestly filled out says not.  But since the HMRC don't seem to have clue one2 how to apply their own rules I simply fear them.  If they came after me I would not have the resources, financial nor time, to put up a substantial fight.  I genuinely think the HMRC will increasing go after the small people rather than celebs.  Sure the individual payouts will be smaller but crucifying the small guys (irrespective of whether they should be liable) will be far easier money.

2 For example:
Ian Wells
Susan Winchester
Lorraine Kelly
Kaye Adams
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I've been able to avoid it for another quarter. I should have started it in April but an error at their end meant I have a six month period from Jan to June so won't start until July. I hope that things are clearer then.
Good luck to everyone now in it.


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Re: MTD for VAT
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Bumped into our accountant in Waitrose the other day (god, how middle class that sounds). His firm had done VAT submissions from Excel using a piece of free bridging s/w. When I have the details I'll post them here.
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