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Re: Have you fallen off today?
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you need to ride more powerful motorcycles!
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Re: Have you fallen off today?
« Reply #26 on: December 03, 2017, 12:06:56 pm »
And again on Friday night. Bit sore, nothing broken. Small scuff to saddle.

I was going in to town for our xmas do. The bus let me down so I decided to cycle, figuring that if I took the Brompton I could stash it somewhere in the pub (thus avoiding the locked-up-outside anxiety) and take it home on the bus/in a taxi if I bit too tired and emotional for the homeward ride.

All was going well: I was only going to be about 5 mins late. When I got to town the shortest route was closed to vehicles but I assumed (correctly) that the footpath would be open. However, what looked in the dark like a ramp downwards turned out to be steps and the small front wheel of the Brompton turned 90o throwing me face down.

I came down quite hard on top of the bike and my right elbow, knee and hip took the brunt but I guess the adrenaline masked any pain and I got up, dusted off and - having checked everything was where it should be - carried on. I suppose the drinks then kept the pain at bay because I felt fine for the rest of the night. It wasn't until I tried to get up yesterday that the contact points let me know how they felt. My knee especially.

Much better today. Knee still tender, but I can walk & climb stairs.
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Re: Have you fallen off today?
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I need to try to get out of the thought process that I've carried for many years of motorcycling in that the rear brake is pointless!

75/25 no? (At least in non-perfect conditions.)
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Re: Have you fallen off today?
« Reply #28 on: October 11, 2018, 09:44:09 am »
Ow, ouch, moan, groan.

I was riding into work on a Liverpool Citybike this morning,  my regular commute.  It was drizzling slightly.   At one part of the journey I have to do a right turn from Dale St into a little side road called Hackins Hey,  I position myself for the turn & am ringing my bell to warn the pedestrians who were on the pavement.

The road surface changes here from tarmac to polished stone flags, as soon as the front wheel touched these it shot sideways & I went down flat on my face in front of the startled pedestrians (who were concerned & helpful).

No serious damage, a few grazes, my left hand & thumb are sore,  my right knee hit the ground hard & somehow my right ankle was twisted.   I walked the bike to a docking bay & limped the rest of the way to the office.

I've a horrible feeling everything is going to stiffen up & leave me with reduced mobility for the next few days though.  :(
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Re: Have you fallen off today?
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I've been wondering when it'll be time to tone it down a bit on the corners on roads.

It's today.

Didn't fall, or get anywhere near it but the autumnal slipperiness is upon us.


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Re: Have you fallen off today?
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I've been anticipating the commencement of chutney season all week.  The leaves on the ground are dry and increasingly shredded, and it's just waiting for a bit of rain to turn them into slime.

ETA: And here come the first few drops...
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Re: Have you fallen off today?
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Definitely now  ;D


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Re: Have you fallen off today?
« Reply #32 on: November 27, 2018, 11:52:03 am »
Bruised hip and elbow.

The sun was up and the day was beginning to look nice when I turned onto a quiet country lane. I noticed frost patches but assumed it would all clear up as the day was bright.

I was wrong. 4 miles down the road and I'm sliding along on my hip and elbow. No bike damage thankfully. With hindsight I should have been more cautious when I first noticed the frost.

Treating myself to a gentle outing in Hull. Might go for a pub lunch.
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Re: Have you fallen off today?
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Ouch, glad nothing too nasty.  Hope you heal quickly
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Re: Have you fallen off today?
« Reply #34 on: November 27, 2018, 06:58:30 pm »
Not today but Saturday morning.  I was heading out on the MTB at a steady pace and was turning left at the mini roundabout in the centre of the village.  There was a young lad on his bike on the pavement on the inside of the corner who suddenly launched himself into the road without looking.  I hit the brakes, locked the front wheel on the damp tarmac and hit the deck.  Topping up the reservoir on the front brake the night before had taken all the sponginess out of the system  ::-)  The young lad cycled off as I 'explained' what I considered he had done wrong.

A quick check of the bike showed that the only damage appeared to be where the bars had punched through the end of the left grip.  My clothes seemed to be unscathed but I could feel that my left knee had had a good scuffing through the cycling tights and I had whacked my left elbow (again) and that had impacted my dodgy left shoulder.

When I peeled my tights off a few hours later my left knee had indeed lost a patch of skin but that will recover.  Of more concern is the fact that the damage to my shoulder means that I struggle to put a jacket on.  The frustrating bit is the fact that I'm supposed to fall off when I am on the dodgy off road bits not the simple on road bits!