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Soft suspension setpost - for sensible price?
« on: April 26, 2017, 11:58:39 am »
We picked up a s/h tandem recently and it came with an unbranded suspension seatpost on the rear that seems a little to firm given I ride with 9yo and 11 yo kids who are in the 30 to 40kg range

Had a quick google round and prices seem to run from £20 to "how much!!"

Anyone found/recommend a decently soft 27.2mm one at the lower end of the price range

It may be that the consensus is you get what you pay for, so happy to be advised that more is worth spending more here, but I think Thudbuster et al are out of budget

UPDATE: Had a go at pulling it apart and it looks like this a Kalloy one. Got the bottom adjuster off, pulled out a 2" black plastic spacer and another 5" cream/white spacer - can seem to get it apart any more. Stiction is real high so lubed with teflon spray but would like to strip it fully and see what condition its in - any ideas?

Re: Soft suspension setpost - for sensible price?
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If you are planning to ride any distance, or with adult stokers, "HOW MUCH :o" is worth spending. Having said that, I don't usually have a suspension one on for child stokers. It's worth watching Ebay for secondhand thudbusters - occaionally they come up with a low buy it now price if you are quick. I got my 27.0 one for £36 I think.
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