Author Topic: Off road night tandem - any top tips?  (Read 2721 times)

Off road night tandem - any top tips?
« on: 15 May, 2017, 09:53:52 pm »
In the dim and distant past I used to do a fair bit of night riding with my MTB and (long gone) VistaLights

Since it was so much fun (for a solo pilot at least) I am looking to recreate the experience with our off road Tandem and wonder what it might feel like as a stoker - and will they demand a decent head torch of their own?

Ultimately I want it to be fun first time out rather than abort an experiment early because it was horrible on the back of the bike


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Re: Off road night tandem - any top tips?
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I reckon a head torch is a useful thing to have as a nocturnal stoker, though I can't vouch for the off-road aspect.  Probably doesn't need to be a full-on FRIKKIN LAZER as it's going to spend a fair chunk of the time illuminating the pilot's back.  (Actually, that might be another genuinely useful application of the 'reactive' tech that Petzl are pushing - I find it's great for doing the washing-up when camping, occasionally handy for dirty fettling, and a liability[1] on a solo bike.)

[1] It's fine, you can turn it off.
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Re: Off road night tandem - any top tips?
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The first thing you need is a very brave stoker. Possibly a blind stocker?
Stoking at night on the road is a leap of faith because you really can't see anything. If you wear a headtorch, you blind yourself. If you don't - most of the light is directly infront of the pilot and invisible to you.
Offroad? You're on yer own! :)
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