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Hailsham 300 / 600 2007
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 the 300; Jack Paul Chris and Richard near Lindfield

Sabine at the wonderful Brightling control; check those little tables  :)

Rob and Mark arrive

Leaving Dungeness having almost "bounced" the control; Liam in front.

a well pleased El Supremo at the WoW

Chris almost mananges to escape getting snapped by Rolvenden

Jack and Deniece at Frant just before the A267 White Knuckle ride

 Some photos from the 600 at the start and High and Over (too dull for any decent ones)
The start

L-R FWN, Rob, Tuggo, Hummers, Alex B, MattC, Pushbikeman
kneeling Jack, Arabella, Swalecyclist



William Lantry

Phixi; Paul O and Rich T behind



Chris Tracy and MattC

Arabella still showing the effects of riding through a puddle on her last visit to Dungeness