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Firedragon cooker and fuel
« on: May 28, 2017, 03:24:26 pm »
Unable to find my home-made meths stove and wanting something cheap and compact, I bought a firedragon stove and fuel

The fuel is stocked by lots of places, including Cotswolds camping who incidentally are one of the cheapest sources at £2.50 for 6 blocks.

3 blocks will fit in the folded cooker for storage, which makes it a very tiny bundle.

I used it with a heavy foil windshield and a 20cm stainless pan left by a friend. Lots of tests describe using small canteen-style pans; which might be why I got better results.

I used one block, boiled about 500ml of water and then fried an onion and halloumi. It was warmish weather (about 16C) but windy. In the morning, I fried up the remainder of the halloumi and heated a small tin of beans with a half-block.

That's pretty good, since you can carry 3 blocks within the cooker, making it very very compact, compared a meths burner plus a bottle of meths. If you were doing hot drinks and 3 meals a day you would use probably 4 blocks a day. A block weighs 27gm.
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Re: Firedragon cooker and fuel
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2017, 10:54:53 am »
Interesting post, esp on the quantities of food cooked on the quantity of fuel. These are just like ex-army hex fuel burners. They're light to carry and easy to pack. Good for an overnight when you might travel light and heat up a boil-in-the-bag meal and coffee in the morning, for instance.
The main problem is when touring, as the fuel blocks can be tricky to find esp in France/Spain etc. In these places meths is universally found and screw-top gas cylinders can be obtained in hardware shops - in poor countries such as Chile there is a huge amount of DIY and chaps use gas cylinders with screw tops for blowtorches etc.
A useful post, thanks.
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Re: Firedragon cooker and fuel
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Good point about being able to carry fuel inside it:  One advantage of the Trangia meths burner over a home-made one is that the lid and O-ring allow you to carry a meal-and-a-bit's worth of fuel inside the burner.  I've done weekends with this and a 100ml bottle of meths (no hot drinks, admittedly), which is quite compact.   Thinking about it, it probably saves fuel too, as you don't have to burn it dry or try to skiddle the excess back into the fuel bottle.

AIUI what those hex fuel stoves lack in elegance they make up for in being lightweight and completely and utterly bullet-proof.
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