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FastRider ladies laptop pannier
« on: June 19, 2017, 03:12:37 pm »
Possibly a slightly niche product - though it doesnt have to be a ladies only pannier - these pastel coloured laptop pannier bags are really pretty good. With JEJames clearing them out at a tenner, as opposed to the claimed rrp of £55 they are an absolute bargain! My daughter has been using the aubergine one (shown below), they also come in pale green and pale blue I believe.

The bag itself is a robust and decently padded laptop bag (though I personally wouldnt carry a laptop in a pannier bag if it had a traditional HDD) that can swallow plenty of books / snacks / bits to satisfy most student needs. The stitching seems decent and the multilpe pockets useful. Capacity is claimed to be 15 litre but it seems bigger

Things you might not like. The pannier attachments are "about average" with two open hooks and a thumb locking hook to secure the bag at the top the pannier rack. Nothing secures the lower half of the bag - unlikely to fall off if the thumb wheel is tightened but not as robust / secure as the Agu panniers my wifes bike has. I doubt very much it would be waterproof and, with the various compartments, I suspect it would not be that easy to use bin liner / dry bag with it - currently I am on the hunt for a cheap waterpoof cover for it