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I'm so right-eye dominant that I struggle to see with my left eye when my right is looking through a viewfinder.
Some people say I'm self-obsessed but that's enough about them.


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I'm only right eye dominant now cos I had optic neuritis in my left eye. Had to relearn how to use a camera...


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Re: This
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Using dad's Fujifilm S5600 I can shoot with my right eye, but I'm mainly left eye dominant funny because I use my right eye when doing something like archery or other sport that requires an aim. I suspect it may change when I get my new camera but I can't predict the future :P :)


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Re: This
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Executive summary: the use of a camera with an off-centre viewfinder, photographer Joel Meyerowitz says, led him to notice the people out of frame (and the objects out of frame), which themselves create meaning.

Some of his images are here.