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Coalition of Chaos
« on: June 28, 2017, 10:43:06 am »
For those catching up, previously on Government of Clowns...

with a population mostly indifferent on the EU, David Cameron, a man who had never experienced not getting what he wanted, decide to spunk a load of cash on referendum because the only people who gave a shit were mostly in the Conservatives and its paramilitary wing, UKIP. Unfortunately, the Conservative party was full of similarity entitled people who had never experienced not getting what they want, but what-what and tally-ho and off we go. So a lot of people lied, lied some more, and then claimed foreigners were under everyone's bed, just waiting to snatch our precious entitlements. Several press oligarchs were overcome by almost enough patriotism to pay their taxes, but not quite, because they were lying too. Take back control, they thundered, intending that no one do any such thing. Unaccountably to him, Cameron didn't get what he wanted, which was frankly quite positively the most damnably unfair thing ever, so he decided not to play for a moment longer. The other clowns battled over his freshly laid, steaming legacy, but assured we were that Brexit meant Brexit as the British people had spoken as one. Or half, as it turned out. Out of the turd tussle arose Theresa May, who convinced herself that her clear inappropriateness to lead the country made her the best possible candidate. To convince the people of Europe that they were dealing with the unalloyed wishes of the British people, she hosed even more cash than David on a General Election in which everyone forgot to mention Brexit and Theresa ended up with even less of a mandate than she did before. But don't worry, those friendly faces from the province of the UK that never left the late 1600s were on hand to help, they just needed Theresa to gush a load more cash their way. Now we're free to rip up our carefully constructed trade deals and agreements with the EU so we can craft a better deal, even though no one is sure what that deal would comprise, or quite what mechanism would allow for a better deal that we already had, but it will let the party that preached austerity for so many years geyser billions of pounds on what, at heart, was a fucking outbreak of deeply entitled vanity.

So now, on Government of Clowns...