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Just had these light/ camera combo`s delivered
since being flattened from behind in 08 I have been a tad concerned that the next time i may not bounce. didn`t then either by the way.
So as my wife almost pleads with me not to go out on the bike since , I have been looking at means of leaving/having a record

Have tried GoPro camera, too heavy for helmet, and short battery life. Couple of hrs and a bit, less in cold weather
Hooked up to a cache battery, cut hole in outer casing
OK but extra weight and cables
OK for rear use

Contour helmet Camera, again, feels heavy ish.
OK for front, battery life shorter than GoPro.
easy instant on off switch, but as things go wrong when you least expect them, not much use

THeiye, a gopro like clone at a third the price.
Good, but again, needs a cache battery and cables if doing more than a couple of hours

CICLIQ FLY6v   rear
camera and built in lights with 3 light modes, 2 flash, 1 solid. can also cycle between low super bright and off
1 side sw to turn all on off. other side has sw to change brightness of lights
Good news, fits to seat post
Bad news, knackered if you have anything other than small tool pack
run time, so I`ve been told is up to 4 hrs

CICLIQ 12 front
camera with 9 light modes, steady-strobe-fast flash, all with h/m/l  settings, and off
camera/ lights have 1 on/off sw. remembers last light setting.
camera can be set to show`tramlines` for playback of `close passes`, is date stamped and rotates picture if inverted
has theft alarm and has `incident` mode to save recording if bike/camera is tilted 90deg for more than 5 secs so won`t record over incident
uses gopro 3 prong mount so is compatible
set up is via pc, ok.
or mobile phone. a bit of a chew on to get it to pair up to phone but so are most devices I have seen
got there in the end
Bad News       ITS BULKY.    but so are lights and a camera together  Its a smidge bigger than eTrex 30 and about the same bulk as Garmin 60
supposed run time of up to 6 hrs ..... allegedly  probably ;-)
 So far pleased as the wife is impressed. will be giving them a good run for MY MONEY  next week when we take the house on wheels to Inverness

The sort of good news is they can both be run and charged at the same time

will see how it goes

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specs show run times are
Fly6v       up to 6 hrs
Fly 12      up to 12 hrs