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This photo was at the top of a Graun article. I clicked the article to read it and the photo came into view. I instantly recognised it without seeing the caption.

Anyone else know it (I suspect there are lots...)?

(click to show/hide)It was taken from a train
(click to show/hide)Alnmouth

Totally random bit of Latin in sub-suburban Leicestershire earlier this week.
(Possibly not completely random, as there's a tree stump removal business not too far away - but ......)

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Seen on FB. An absolutely stunning King of Mercia with a Rohloff hub. Some bloke's retirement present to himself.


Word's largest container ship passes the end of Southend Pier (not my photo). My source said it has 19000 containers on board.

Horrible things.  I used to have a chum who lived on the Scheldt estuary and posted shots of those horrors a couple of times a week.


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