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--- Quote from: Wowbagger on September 06, 2020, 03:08:19 pm ---

Word's largest container ship passes the end of Southend Pier (not my photo). My source said it has 19000 containers on board.

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I don't know about Southend Pier. I see it has a tram track or railway running along it. What is it and what is it used by and for, either now or in the past?

Isn't that the one with battery-powered trains?

That sounds interesting.

Many years ago, as a site geologist, we were drilling boreholes in the sea bed just to the east of the pier in planning for a marina - never built.  Such investigation works are carried out 24/7 and I vividly recall having to walk the length of the pier on occasion, at night, carrying equipment, or going out to the end to position the drilling craft for its next borehole.  That was a long walk at night. There was a  tourist train, but not for me.


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