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Re: Health and fitness goals 2018?
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Weight back down to 71kg (currently 76kg)
Move back up to 3w/kg training on Zwift.
Move up to the fast group in my running club
Move up to running marathon length trail events
Do an SR series
Do a trail ultra

^ manage all that whilst not being obsessive about training (ideally, keeping training below 10hrs a week), making sure my significant other and kids feel like they are vastly important than my fitness goals*, whilst all doing a solid job / trying to get promoted at work.

Re: Health and fitness goals 2018?
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I have two, one is a continuation of a good thing which started back in September and the other is a new challenge. Neither are spectacular, but life is going to be even busier than last year and I don't want to set myself up to fail from the outset.
The continuation is that I have returned to using a longer ride into work. It's only 4.4 miles as opposed to 2.9, so not a huge distance, but it does include a serious hill and the little bits all add up. I'd like to keep that as my 'usual' ride for this year.
The new thing is that I would like to run both into and home from work on the same day. The route I use is about 6km (I'm not really sure why I track cycling in miles and running in km but there you go). I've only ever run home so far. MrsC works just round the corner so getting a lift in is fairly easy, but she finishes at 1.00. I would need careful planning about things like breakfast and carrying stuff into work but I'm sure that's all solvable. Has to wait until the light returns though. I wouldn't want to run on those lanes in the dark.
Seeing that other people are reporting back on their progress...
1) Longer ride into work. I have managed this precisely three time so far this year. Sigh
2) Run into and home from work. I have managed this once, which I suppose is what I targeted. I have also run into work once and got a lift at the end of the day. Running in meant MrsC could pick me up from work so we could go straight on to an early evening appointment.
So a success of sorts (very small sorts).
There are, however, still a couple of months left of this year. The running home has to stop when the clocks change and next week is going to be a bit difficult. I'll have to have a campaign on the longer rides though.
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A very specific goal I have is to get my running VDOT (aka VO2max) up to at least 43 (ideally beyond). I prefer to calculate it from real runs (time/distance) as my Garmin seems to also factor in HR and the watch sees my HR going over 200bpm during a 5-a-side game and thinks I should be able to run at close to that in a race (no chance!). It currently estimates my VO2max at 45, which is utter nonsense.

I like VDOT because you can calculate it for any run using just distance and time. There's nothing subjective to it. You can then factor in weight changes to see what you could achieve.

Anyway, my target VDOT of 43 gives suggested times of:-
* 5K: 22:41
* 10K: 47:04
* HM: 1:44:20
* Mara: 3:36:28

Which fits my goals of a 1:45 HM and a 3:42 Marathon (to get the family marathon record off my eldest brother).

I'm currently only about VDOT 30 at the moment, but 20kg overweight and not running fit as I'm just getting back into it, I'm fine with that. 39.53 was my best a few years ago (5k in 24:24 at 85.8kg) explains some of it and how if you can lose just fat (and maintain muscle[1]) then you can see estimate how things would improve as fat is lost:-

If I take my figures from a few years ago then I can see how much I'd need to weigh to get a VDOT of 43:-

85.8kg * 39.53 / 43 = 78.9kg.

That's good as my current rate of weight loss (0.6kg/week) just so happens to put me at 79.5kg on the day of the London Marathon which is close enough. There's a long old time between now and then though.

1. When losing weight your body would need less muscle to support the lower body weight, but doing more running would increase muscle mass, hopefully they'd balance out (or even improve in my favour, i.e. instead of losing 20kg of fat and gaining 2kg of muscle for an 18kg overall loss it'd be better for VDOT to lose 22kg of fat and gain 4kg of muscle IYSWIM).
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« Reply #28 on: January 28, 2019, 02:25:17 pm »
Near end of Jan update:

Weight down from 96.15kg to 93.8kg.
Lumpy 10k time down to 1h03m.
Max VDOT: 31.21
Longest run: 11.8km (full run commute)
Up to 6h30m training last week (big weeks push that up to 10h) inc 3h20 of running.

Should be able to restart doing parkrun this weekend too.
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Good goals, Greenbank.

Mine for 2019:

Knee recovery, so I can run and cycle again.

Chin ups - more than 20 reps at a time (last year's goal was managing 40 pushups; I do 60 most mornings now so achieved that one).

Kayaking; paddle a full marathon distance at training pace. So in under 5 hours for me. I never managed to complete a marathon-distance race when I was in my 20s, generally collapsed from exhaustion.
Knee is semi-recovered. I was trying some running and managed to do 5-7km at a time at a reasonable pace.
I'm cycling again, but woefully slowly. My cycling muscles have gone!

Kayaking - back to training, 2-3 times a week. Doing well in the interval training; I'm faster than people I couldn't keep up with last year (when I was getting into training). No good at distances yet.

Chin ups; don't have access to a bar. Will have to see if I can rig something up at the farm, there are a couple of barns so it should be possible.
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Re: Health and fitness goals 2018?
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Realistically none.
I might try to lose some weight but I'm not overweight, can't take any exercise and like my cakes and chocolates.
I will turn 60 in the middle of the year and expect a birthday card from the NHS, which should be fun  ;D
Hope all that goes OK.
I my MS gets no worse and that my excellent health continues.
I'm lucky really...

I lost a little weight without really trying.
Three sorts of routine health screening were all negative, thankfully.
MS unchanged.

Can't complain.

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* Keeping entering the Ride 100 ballot as I want the London Classics medal (assuming I actually finish the London Marathon in 2019) - would consider charity place if I'm unlucky in the ballot in 2019 (no place this year in the ballot) Ballot entered, find out in Feb

Commiserations mag through the post today.

Assuming I finish the London marathon this year I'll go for a charity place in 2020 if I don't get a ballot place (maybe I'll be "luckier" in the ballot if I just need the Ride 100 to finish my London Classics medal).
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Re: Health and fitness goals 2018?
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Primary goal: stay alive until next year (at least)

Secondary goal: don't fall downstairs in mid-season

:D Weight is 3 kg less than this time last year.
:( Probably lost muscle
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