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Tandem Appeal
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Hi Forum Folk,

Wasn't exactly sure where I should post this below appeal, so please feel free to move to somewhere more appropriate.

For a number of years now I have been cycling with my oldest buddy 'Roger' on his awesome tandem cycle 'The Beast'. Roger is (nearly) 75 years young, completely blind and a generally awesome, interesting, entertaining chap. It is always a pleasure (and an experience) to cycle with Roger and pilot his tandem. Sadly, work so often gets in the way of fun and I'm only able to go for a spin with Roger about once a month. Roger depends on others to go and take 'The Beast' out, as he can't be both pilot and stoker. As the years go by, Roger has fewer cycling partners, as those of like age find it more difficult to cycle and simply 'retire' from the sport. If you have an interest in cycling, have a time to spare (even if infrequently) and are wanting an awesome adventure, please respond to Roger's appeal. I responded to a similar appeal 3-4 years ago and am still hooked (I had virtually nil experience on a tandem when I met Roger too and was about half his age. It'a also worth noting that I am 6' 2'' - the tandem will accommodate different height riders by lowering or heightening the seat post - simples) . Roger lives in Cofton Hackett, close to Birmingham, in the West Midlands. Please help.

Rogers Tandem Cycling Appeal

This is a personal appeal made in the hope that able and willing cyclists will volunteer to pilot my much loved Longstaff tandem from time to time.

I am a keen cyclist and member of Beacon Roads Cycling Club for over 35 years.
I became registered blind in the mid 70s when I was 34, due to the eye condition retinitis pigmentosa (RP), when tandem cycling proved to be the ideal sporting activity for me to pursue. My first pilot was a longstanding member of the Beacon Roads Cycling Club and after borrowing a tandem initially, we decided to buy a Claude Butler as a joint venture. This provided the means of cycling for me for some 13 years before George Longstaff built a custom made tandem for me in 1998, which has been well serviced and maintained and which remains well used today.

Now in my 70s and totally blind, I remain fit and active thanks to my cycling with a number of pilots and through walking - both with my guide dog Olly and friends.
Naturally with the passage of time a few of my pilots are reaching retirement age in their late 70s and 80s,  and therefore I am appealing to other experienced cyclists who would be willing to “make up the numbers” and help me continue this great passion, at times and frequency to suit them. With extra support from others I will be able to continue and enjoying cycling as I have for the last 40 years. I enjoy cycling distances up to  40 miles or so at a sociable pace and with or without a café stop.

As recently as November 2017, together with a friend from Gloucestershire I cycled from my home in Cofton Hackett to and from Dursley over a weekend, a round trip of 140 miles.

Although I am totally blind I am more than capable of navigating a bike ride throughout Worcestershire and many parts of Warwickshire, my nick name being  “The Sat Nav”!

My cycling records over the years have included:-
 Lands End to John O Groats, plus Aberystwyth to Great Yarmouth, (500k) with the former chairman and longstanding Beacon RCC member Dave Cox.
Audax events from 200 to 600k and twice securing super randonneur medals. Cycling in France, Italy, Mallorca and Ireland and extensively throughout the UK, covering every county with the exception of Kent.

Piloting a tandem versus a solo bike will undoubtedly take a little getting used to, however I am sure this will be achieved very quickly.

Please contact me by email at or by telephone:-
0121 445 1056 home or
07835 303511 mobile.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Roger Green.
I dunno why anybody's doing this!

Re: Tandem Appeal
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I'm happy to post this to my (modest) Twitter feed if Roger is OK with me doing so.
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yes please
I dunno why anybody's doing this!

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I emailed Roger yesterday offering my services, but having chatted on the phone just now we've confirmed that I'm not tall enough to fit on the tandem. I pointed out the obvious solution to this...  :demon:

For reference, he's got a 5'6" pilot who has to have the saddle all the way down, so that's probably the minimum height requirement.

Re: Tandem Appeal
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I pointed out the obvious solution to this..

You're only as successful as your last 1200...

Re: Tandem Appeal
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Nikki volunteers for a stint on the Rack...    :D   :thumbsup:

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Thank you for responding Nikki.
I dunno why anybody's doing this!


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**wonders if kiddicrank attachment would work on the front seatpost for the pilot ... **
(suspect even if so it may then work less well for non-users thereof)
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Re: Tandem Appeal
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If I were closer I would certainly volunteer.

What's wrong with Kent?  ;)
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