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Cassette but what's the difference?
« on: April 11, 2008, 04:24:44 pm »
Now that I've worn out one sprocket, somewhere around 7500 miles, third since you ask, I now need to replace the other six as well! The only problem I have is which HG to buy.

Should I go cheap and get HG30, mid range with HG50 or top of the shop HG70? Given that they all end in 28 teeth and start with either 11 or 12 just what is the difference between them? Is the HG70 lighter than the others or does the HG30 come with chocolate teeth?

The original cassette was HG50 and the current worn one is HG70, it doesn't seem to have lasted as long as the 50.

Re: Cassette but what's the difference?
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Different quality and weight really. All work well. Cheaper ones are heavier and tougher IME. For something that IS going to have to be replaced one has to balance cost and durability and pose factor. The latter is less important to me for a component that is going to get oily and dirty.