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Well done - you'll be a shoo-in for the A.  The 8 does not have to be dead accurate, just a reasonable attempt, and at a fairly consistent height.  I find it's best not to make them too small to give you time to adjust, and to make the crossover fairly nearly at 90 degrees to the other leg.  That forces you to make the circles fairly wide and gives you more room to get them consistent.

And yes, the rudder is a bit of a forgotten control if you fly with ailerons - as most do.  I've got a 1/4 scale Auster that needs rudder in the turns, and a couple of twins that benefit too - but you can mix that in on the radio.

Rudder is most used on takeoff - otherwise the prop effect can take you all over the place - DAMHIKT.  (Took me a while and a close encounter to get better at the rudder).

So well done on using rudder on the approach to keep it straight.

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Cheers Andy

I need to use the rudder since I'm just putting the finishing touches to a cheap Chinese 3 channel v-tail foam/ply eagle thing that my daughter bought me for fathers day. It's taken me ages to get the the surfaces moving in the right directions, you'd think it'd be easy but I could get either rudder input movement correct or elevator correct but not both until last night.

It'll be interesting to see if it flies since I struggled to the V aligned equally.