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Good Omens - The TV Series
« on: March 01, 2018, 07:28:42 am »
Apparently filming has just about finished in South Africa, will be interesting to see how it develops. Neil Gaiman has been closely involved, which bodes well.

From his Instagram feed

Shadwell’s newspaper advertisement. The other advertisements are there for people who like to freeze frame. #goodomens

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Re: Good Omens - The TV Series
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Miss von Bradenburg has already refused to watch on the grounds that it will mess up the pictures in her head.  And also because David Tennant.
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Re: Good Omens - The TV Series
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2019, 09:32:38 pm »
OK, I can confirm, it is excellent. They have captured the spirit and pace of the book and delivered a classic adaptation that holds true to the original, playing with the detail as needed and beneficial. The only slightly bum note for me was the Bentley, which was 50's so not a proper one or what was intended, I had hoped PigBog might have a cameo, but no.  Certainly hasn't spoiled the book for me, but like the book it bears revisiting.

Re: Good Omens - The TV Series
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Update, as I just had to re-read.

Pleased to confirm my initial impression, that the screen thing is an excellent TV adaptation. The retention of the narrator on the screen is essential for keeping the flavour of the book. The changes and additions to the screenplay work well, so well that I suspect that they may have been alternatives discussed, and if not between TP & NG, they are NG sourced, who has screen writing palmares anyhow.

As an added bonus by buying the Kindle version I got the afterword(s) from TP & NG on the book and each other.