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Plug for camera dealer
« on: November 08, 2008, 10:42:49 am »
I've just bought a Canon 50d from Trade Cameras, Focused on the Big Picture .  It was a slightly problematic purchase, but all ended well and I would heartily recommend them now.

I ordered on a monday, asking if the product would be delivered before the tuesday of the following week as I was going on my honeymoon. They said yes, and I received an email on the friday saying the camera would arrive monday at the latest.  It didn't, but what did arrive was an email saying it would come on the tuesday.  I waited for the post on tuesday anxious to get off to Scotland on my honeymoon with my new camera. It didn't come.  I contacted tradecameras who were a little upset and said they'd get the tracking details for me.  By lunchtime, I'd had enough and left on my holiday, pissed off to have wated half a day and still not have received the camera.  It arrived later that day, but obviously too late for me to use it.

I contacted tradecameras on my return, pointing out that the confusion between their sales department and their despatch department had caused me to waste half a day of holiday and a crap start to my honeymoon. They were very apologetic.

Today an 8gb sandisk extreme iv card (ie £70 worth) plopped through my letterbox by way of apology.  What more can I say :thumbsup:

Ok, a days delay caused me a headache which had I not been going away wouldn't have bothered me, but they've seen me right.

I'd have no problem recommending them, and will use them again. Their prices for some products are the cheapest in the UK, and their customer service is excellent... no phone number, but drop them an email and they'll call you back almost immediately.  I think they deserve a bit of good publicity and a heads-up as a decent retailer.

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Re: Plug for camera dealer
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I have used AJPurdy in the past. Prices are competitive, and each time when ordering at lunchtime, I had the lens/camera on my desk the next morning when I arrived at the lab.

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