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ACSI Card / Camping Key Europe / Others
« on: October 15, 2018, 08:49:42 pm »
Last year we would have benefited from buying an ACSI card ( c14 - 22 euros) as we were in France in their low-season June / early July and it transpired that we would have been able to camp at a substantial discount on the two campsites we stayed in.

I'm considering getting one for this year, but I've also now found Camping Key Europe too ( £12.50 via SCR) which gives some discounts including in high season.

Countries we are likely to be camping in this year are France and Germany - with a tent, without a car - with no plans set yet.

Does anyone have any comments on these, or any further recommendations (What I'd really like is a European list of very cheap backpacking campsites!)?

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Re: ACSI Card / Camping Key Europe / Others
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We don’t have a ACSI card but I’m watching with interest.