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Commemorative bus shelters
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On another forum I visit a poster has started a thread which I thought, as a group of cyclists, we may be able to help with.

Note for our friendly movers. Sorry it this is in the wrong place.

"Knowing that many on here are experts in what others may consider the minutiae of life, I bring to your attention an item in the October newsletter of the excellent East Riding Archives.

They mention their recent unearthing in the archives of the Driffield Rural District Council of papers concerning discussions about, plans for the construction of, receipts for the cost of, proud declarations of the use of local materials and the opening speech made about the Festival of Britain Commemorative Bus Shelter in the village of Nafferton near Driffield.

Apparently the FoB organizers exhorted parishes across the nation to raise money locally to construct such commemorative bus shelters to mark the festival and a s a lasting community amenity and benefit.

Perhaps unsurprisingly not many villages saw this as appropriate in 1951 and very few such shelters were apparently constructed.

Hence this post : is anyone out there aware of any other such commemorative bus shelters that still survive from the 1951 celebrations - and if so, where?

I'm told the Nafferton example is still extant and serving its declared purpose."


"My fascination with this isn't just to compile a list of these structures, but also as an attempt to get into the mindset of those who planned the nation's lives in the immediate post-war era.

I'm trying to put myself into their position. The nation has been laid waste economically by six years of war and then five years of hardship including one of the most severe winters of the century. In 1951, the end of rationing was still a few years into the future.

The Festival of Britain is conceived as a national celebration of the glories of the country...and an appropriate response is to ask villagers to raise funds to build bus shelters !!! Of course back then, bus services were a much more crucial aspect of village life, and a bus shelter would indeed be useful addition to village facilities - but it all seems so grandly inappropriate.

But I also rejoice at, and pine for, the days when such simple symbols could be seen as appropriate expressions of a nation's and a community's feelings of communal pride."

Any help gratefully received.

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In keeping with the theme but perhaps not the specific. Been to this one at least.
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