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Joseph Kuosac bar on a P stem?
« on: June 21, 2018, 12:27:51 am »
So everything about my Brompton is good, except that I'm still not convinced by the P bars. I know that different bars take different length stems, and I believe that S stems have more forward reach. I've tried the lower section of the P bars, and I definitely wouldn't want S bars down that low. I know that, if you get the bars wrong, the fold may not work, and you have to get cable lengths right for the same reason.

I wondered about a Joseph Kuosac bar on a P stem as a compromise. Has anyone tried that? Or any other ways to get the bars down a bit, but not much below the saddle?

I could swap the stem of course, but (a) it's expensive, especially as an experiment, and (b) Brompton think I'm too incompetent to do it, and won't allow their dealers to sell me one - it has to be dealer fitted now, which is ridiculous.


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Re: Joseph Kuosac bar on a P stem?
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I've got an S-type with an extender to raise the bars about 50mm.  It puts them roughly halfway between the M and S height, which seems about right for how I ride it, and as a bonus it means that I've got a lovely flat bar for mounting Stuff on and that non-S-specific luggage doesn't foul the cables.

(I tried the then-three standard handlebar arrangements when I bought the bike: I decided that the lower position of the P was too low for me, and that for some reason I greatly preferred the handling of the S to the M.)

I can't imagine that anything with less rise than the existing bars would cause a problem with the fold.  Cables can be done by trial and error - it's not difficult, it's just boring and requires some sacrificial cable outer.
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Re: Joseph Kuosac bar on a P stem?
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Thanks. I've ordered one and I'll see how it goes.