Author Topic: Scottish Borders Autumn Weekend 13/14th Oct 2018 With Added Yoga for Cyclists  (Read 1171 times)


Our usual Falling leaves weekend of audax events which includes the Etal U Can 200k and Dick McT's Century Classic in the Eastern side of the Scottish Borders through leafy lanes and small ups and downs for the Saturday followed by the Ride of the Valkyries 100k traversing the moorland hills of the Western side of the Borders with amazing autumn views is now joined by a new way to complete the weekend and ease you into some winter preparation for next year...….
Yoga for Cyclists Introductory Lesson.
As the season draws to an end why not use this winter to banish all those niggly aches and injuries plus build good flexibility and strength to have a great season on the bike next year? After our traditional Sunday Ride of the Valkyries 100k Audax we are happy to welcome excellent fitness yoga instructor Jayson Shaw to take a yoga for cyclists session after the event for those taking part as a post ride stretch and also for others wishing to join the class.You don't have to be Riding the Valkyrie to join the class but why not make a great weekend of it. Cost will be five pounds for a 45 minute class. If you would like to take part please PM me to book your space as soon as possible as we need definite numbers to secure Jayson attending. :thumbsup:

We hope this may become a regular feature of our late season rides.

Pedal Up!


Routesheets and all other information have just gone out for our Autumn Audax weekend 13th/14th October so if you've entered and didn't get yours please let me know. Still space for a few more for a weekend of splendour on quiet roads with amazing views in the Scottish Borders 200k/160k/100k,cycle jumble and even a post Ride of the Valkyries yoga for cyclists class...….. :thumbsup:


Last call for entries before I finalise startsheets for an autumn weekend of great scenery,cafe's stops and banter followed by optional good yoga stretch out and even a cycle jumble. :thumbsup: 8)

bairn again

Im in for the 200.  My first Gala event since 2011 and my first Etal 200 since 2007

Looking forward to it. 


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It's looking a bit soggy on Saturday thanks to Storm Callum
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bairn again

If the yellow weather warning re flooding is still in place I will have to have a serious think about whether this is a good idea or not


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Sunday's looking alright, but Saturday's currently looking about the same as the Borderlands Explorer overnight did on the ventusky graphic of the ICON forecast...

Hadn't thought about RRTY until long after I entered Dick McT's so got an ECE lined up for after that; but I've possibly got a cold brewing so going to have to see what happens.
I've got a couple of bags of stuff for the jumble and the hotel's just taken their dosh so I'll be there!