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OTEC Cycles, Wendover, Buck.
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Niche perhaps, but at the local tennis club and gym, a small LBS has opened in a couple of 5m square wooden huts. One has the bike showroom, such as it is, plus the Prologo saddle fitting station (the reason for my visit). The other has the sales and workshop area - just enough room for two guys to work in two bikes behind the counter. Owner Lee was great at immediately stopping what he was doing and seeing to my fit - no appointment needed. An added bonus was, after the Prologo suite had decided my best saddle options, he was able to use the tv on the back wall to project the catalogue so I could see the offerings (and they show the live coverage of the TdF too). They also operate a saddle loan scheme - if you buy a saddle the fitting is free. Yes you pay a premium for the saddles compared to the online market, but you do get the personal touch.
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Re: OTEC Cycles, Wendover, Buck.
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Just been to them again (a personal fail, couldn't get the rim tape on a tubeless wheel to seal  ::-)), and they seem to be thriving.  They run local rides too, plus bike hire.
We are making a New World (Paul Nash, 1918)