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Stand for SMGT?
« on: July 31, 2018, 10:10:55 pm »
Urgent call to all streetmachine owners, what lowrider mounted propstand do you have. Is this suitable?

The pages for HPV and UK dealers for the brand the only details are ESGE model but there's a few with this tag on the model name.

I've measured the vertical height to the bolt hole on the rack and it's 240mm. It would seem that this being up to 290mm means it's suitable. I'm hoping that's without cutting down. If I get one I'll have an evening to mount it before going on tour. Last minute purchase.

If not this what other option? What model did you get?


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Re: Stand for SMGT?
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Can't really add much to what I said here, other than I'm not sure how well a two-leg stand will work, on account of the mounting plate being off the centre-line of the bike.
Careful, Kim. Your sarcasm's showing...

Re: Stand for SMGT?
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The one I saw is an ESGE stand but with two legs. The legs seem to fold against each other and then fold up on one side like the single leg ESGE version. That looks like it'll get around the off centre mounting.

Most ESGE stands are up to 18kg total load but this is 25kg max load. I'm thinking 15kg bike leaves 10kg max luggage. Unless you think half the weight is on the ground because it only lifts front wheel. So that's 7.5kg of the bike leaving twice 17.5kg or 35kg fit luggage. Is it really 25kg total weight of the whole bike and luggage? That would mean they're not that useful for touring recumbents when fully loaded.


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Re: Stand for SMGT?
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2018, 10:22:35 am »
The current SMGTe spec list details the two prop stands, including the one Kim mentioned in the other thread.

kickstand PLETSCHER Esge Comp Zoom mounted on the rear swing arm, black - $35.00 SRP
kickstand PLETSCHER Esge mounted under the lowrider rack, black - $25.00 SRP

Re: Stand for SMGT?
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There's quite a few ESGE models. That twin legged version I linked to is ESGE too. Twin legged, single legged, esge zoom models, bb mount, rear triangle mount. I think the references go from ks10 to ks14 or even higher, all rated as ESGE models.

I looked at the hpv website, configurator and price list. Apart from ESGE and front / rear mount they don't give the model reference. I'd prefer to get the one the brand recommends but there could be 2 models matching their description for each one as far as I can tell. Anyone know if their stand has a product reference? They start with KS.