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Coleman Oak Canyon 6 - family tent package
« on: August 20, 2018, 02:49:26 pm »
Our trusty Vango Maritsa 500 finally died last week.  It was 2nd hand when we bought it and has done nearly 6 fully seasons of family camping normally three times a year (120+ nights).  The taped seams were failing more and more and whilst I could have patched it further and gone to town with the Fabsil it would have been chucking good money after bad. 

After a sustained session of driving rain last Saturday we bit the bullet and bought a new Coleman Oak Canyon 6 package with the front porch extension from Go Outdoors (extra discount for Caravan / Camping club members). 

1. Blackout sleeping pods are a revelation - no more waking up at 6am.  Kids slept in until 8 most mornings!
2. Extra space - compared to the old Vango (apart from the extra person capacity) the design doesn't taper towards the porch so lots more living area.  The front face is also more vertical which can be a bit flappy but means fewer dead spaces at low level.
3. Poles/fabric are very visibly and durably labelled so set-up is easy.

1. Poles a touch less robust than the old Vango, but much lighter.  Uses a combo of metal and fibre glass poles which works okay and saves weight.  Amply guyed, and well tested in the wind, it seemed just a touch floppier than the old Vango but had total confidence that it was seriously robust.
2. Only one side door, so cross-flow ventilation when it's really hot relies on having the front door open - which is less effective when the porch extension is added.  Not a major issue.
3. Tent and poles all come in one bag.  Whilst you've never forget the poles, the pack is 28 kg which is a bit weighty and the bag isn't super robust.

The porch extension is a decent size and is far better designed than our old Vango.  In particular, the flap that straps back across the top/sides of the main tent is well attached and adjustable so create a reasonably draft free cooking/entrance area.  However, the webbing straps are broad enough to thrum wildly in strong wind even if taut, but this was resolved by adding a few twists to divert the air flow.
The separate groundsheet also has elastic ties to connect it up to the porch and slightly raise the edges to effectively "tank" the floor and prevent surface water running in.  Flysheet skirts are wide and keep out the weather very effectively.

We weighed up the Coleman against some Airbeam options, but the "Airgo" ones are essentially re-badged Hi-Gear and didn't seem as durable, and the big Vango ones are much monies.  Whilst I like the quicker set-up of the airbeam (fine for less experienced campers or if it's hammering with rain), I value the dark bedrooms and smaller pack size of the Coleman higher.

Inital thoughts after 5 nights use - 8/10.  Happy to recommend. - tent - porch extension

Re: Coleman Oak Canyon 6 - family tent package
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After another 5 nights over an extended bank holiday weekend, including some 40mph+ winds, I can confirm this is a Good Tent and I like it.

However, it isn't deer proof, and one of the quadruped barstewards managed to stick it's hoof right through after becoming ensnared in the guy ropes :(
Pretty substantial patch now in evidence.