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A bike for winter
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:50:10 am »
Cannondale Synapse first bike i have had that has all the little bits and pieces to fit mudguards.
Only considered Cannonade as my F2 lefty hardtails BB30 has survived 4 winters and still going strong.
Mudguards very easy to fit no issues , made a little l shaped bracket to replace the PDW over the calliper design .
PDW should supply a normal version for rear, like them no noise.
At last a nice bike and carbon wheels for winter use, wonder how long DA will last compared to campag record.
Only two slight issues headset cover is the tall version and the bars are only 44 wide on the 61cm model.
Might buy the low cover as my bars are a little high or flip the stem . Looking for 46 carbon bars with the removable covers 
Bike feels good , just need to relearn gear changes .

Re: A bike for winter
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Well glad i never bought a trek, no problems to date . Cannondale still know how to make reliable bikes.