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Re: Cycling UK Board OF Trustee ELECTIONS 2018
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I've written them a stroppy email saying I intend to vote for candidates who are members and who believe in Cycling UK, rather than someone who may well have useful attributes to Cycling UK, but who can't be bothered to join and seems to simply want to embellish their own CV.
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Re: Cycling UK Board OF Trustee ELECTIONS 2018
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I've written them a stroppy email saying I intend to vote for candidates who are members and who believe in Cycling UK, rather than someone who may well have useful attributes to Cycling UK, but who can't be bothered to join and seems to simply want to embellish their own CV.
Do you really think they just couldn't be bothered to join?  I don't know the reason they're not a member, I'd like to have seen it explained, maybe they thought joining to stand wasn't the right thing to do, or maybe there's a technical reason.  I doubt it was to save £50, CUK could have given away a membership if it was.  I've seen nothing to indicate anything other than a genuine interest and I'm doubtful it does much to embellish anyone's CV.

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Re: Cycling UK Board OF Trustee ELECTIONS 2018
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GIBBONS, Christine 2,479

LOWE, Jaki 2,367

BAKER, Paul 1,916

MACNAE, Andy 1,804

CARROLL, Melanie 1,787

Number of eligible voters 65,551
Votes cast by post: 1,498
Votes cast online: 1,531
Total number of votes cast: 3,029
Turnout: 4.6%
Number of votes found to be invalid: 31
Total number of valid votes to be counted: 2,998

Electoral Reform Services can confirm that, as far as reasonably practicable, every person whose name appeared on the electoral roll supplied to us for the purpose of the election:- • if they chose to participate in the election, had their vote fairly and accurately recorded All voting material will be stored for twelve months.



I HAVE BEEN a regular cyclist since I was a Child. I cycle for fun with my family or friends, for fitness, and as a means of transport. I enjoy commuting, touring, off-road touring, mountain biking, and road cycling. I also cycle for most of my shopping. I believe that many more people would cycle if provision was better and they felt safer when cycling. If elected as a Trustee, I would work hard to increase the number of cyclists and campaign for cycling to be considered in any Government discussions about transport. As an example, I hope that any future proposals to limit polluting vehicles in towns will include strategies to encourage cycling as a realistic alternative, with better access to public transport for cycles. Cycling should be near the top of any list which is considering improvements to transport.

And my passion, like the history of Cycling UK, is in cycle touring and I will also encourage and promote the simple joys and benefits of travelling by bike for fun.

Has been a member since: 03/2009




I AM A COMMITTED, passionate, everyday cycle rider — for me, my bicycle is transport and pleasure. I am all about getting other people cycling, and so I am the Ride Leader for the Cycling UK Lincoln Women's Group and an HSBC Breeze Champion. I'm a freelance Bikeability and Adult Cycle Instructor. I'm an active Cycling UK Local Campaigner, and I've been on the Committee as Campaigns Officer (previously Right to Ride/Safety Officer) of the Lincolnshire Cycling UK Member Group for the last three years, where I actively represent our membership and all other cycle riders at consultations with our Local Highways authority and other organisations. So, as you can see, I am committed to the idea of cycling for everyone, to representing all cyclists locally, and to campaigning actively for cycling and cyclists rights.

I'm a real grassroots, rank-and-file member of Cycling UK, who also has the marketing Skills being looked for, and I really hope you want me to represent you at Trustee level because I believe I understand what it really means to be a Cycling UK member, and I want to see our organisation go on and grow in strength and visibility.

Has been a member since: 11/2015

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FROM THE WEB ... ide-leader ... t-midlands ... bdomain=uk


I CLEARLY REMEMBER my anxieties when cycling for the first time. Twenty-six years and many bikes later, with miles of scenic routes and coffee stops experienced, I am more confident about cycling and it's an important part of my life. I want others to benefit from it too. I started with short rides but then Il years ago I completed CTC Land's End to John O'Groats on my Roberts. I have enjoyed touring holidays, competed in triathlons, and have now become more environmentally conscious, embracing my bike as transport on most days of the week. Having worked as a clinician and Board executive in NHS and been a trustee of several charities, I bring experience and the skills required for this role. My Board positions include parkrun worldwide and Everybody Sport, where growth and inclusivity have been important goals. I would love to bring my experience and enthusiasm to do the same for cycling — making it more accessible and safe for people to join in.

My background in health and leisure is supplemented by experience of fundraising, corporate governance, volunteer management, and strategic planning across England and Wales. By joining the Board, I can help to the growth of cycling.

Endorsed by the Nominations Committee: Christine has been endorsed for her experience in income generation, specifically organisational growth/commercial development and fundraising.

Has been a member since: 11/2006

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FROM THE WEB ... directors/ ... r-trustees


MY INTEREST IN serving as a Trustee is to contribute to the health, wellbeing, and sustainability of our communities and spread the joy of cycling. I will do this by being a strong advocate, promoting diversity and ensuring we have a well-run organisation serving members and communities, and working well with partner organisations.

I have been a Trustee for six years and Vice Chair for two years. I have been heavily involved in activities such as Women's Festival of Cycling. I connect with my local membership groups where I can. I am proud of the work Of our talented teams at Cycling UK and of the work on the ground carried out by committed volunteers. I have worked at board level for many years in the public sector. I currently work as Deputy Director of Organisational Development in a large, high-performing acute and Community NHS Trust. When not at work I cycle for leisure in the country lanes of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire with family and friends. It will be a privilege to continue as a Trustee and as Vice Chair.

Endorsed by the Nominations Committee: Jaki is a highly committed serving Trustee and her current knowledge and experience of the Cycling UK Board is invaluable.

Has been a member since: 10/1991

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FROM THE WEB ... bdomain=uk ... /jaki-lowe ... inutes.pdf


1 LIVE IN ROSSENDALE, Lancashire, whiCh is a great place to ride, from mountain biking in our local quarries to big days out on our hilly roads. I have tried to do my bit for cycling here and am proud of the role I played in developing the Valley of Stone Greenway, Lee Quarry Mountain Bike Centre, and the Pennine Mountain Bike Association.

I chair our local cycling forum and have been an active campaigner for many years. My work is as CEO of an Adventure Sports consultancy, and we are the leaders in our field. I sit on several commercial and public sector boards and am a district councillor with leisure responsibility. I was National Officer of the British Mountaineering Council, where I experienced the challenges of developing an organisation like Cycling UK.

I want to see more kids riding to school and more people just enjoying cycling. We need better access and infrastructure and safer roads. Cycling UK has an absolutely crucial role to Play in making all this happen, and I would love to use my experience to help take Cycling UK forward as a dynamic organisation that can drive real change.

Endorsed by the Nominations Committee: Andy is a strong all-round candidate and has vast experience in marketing, specifically in membership growth and communications.

Has been a member since: 09/2017

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FROM THE WEB ... ndy_macnae ... rd-member/ ... bdomain=uk ... 0903908271 ... report.pdf
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Re: Cycling UK Board OF Trustee ELECTIONS 2018
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As ever, a brief precis of the material you've dumped in there  along with a couple of lines setting our your take on this matter would go a long way to stop people's eyes glazing over...