Author Topic: Are EWE Abbey Yet? - 11/12-05-19  (Read 197 times)


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Are EWE Abbey Yet? - 11/12-05-19
« on: October 04, 2018, 02:08:09 pm »
I've already entered the new border raid in July.. but this looks like a hoot. So 2019?

If you must... ;D

Rotated the start around to Hurstpierpoint, at the Scout HQ, so can offer floorspace (Fri 22:00+) & Sun nights at £3/night, or there's a Travelodge at Hickstead (~4m).  Looks better for getting to than Battle as well.

TLC on the way round, with sleep control again just before Oxford (about 340Km in).

I'd offer you some moral support - but I have questionable morals.