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[Recommend] SSD brands
« on: November 09, 2018, 01:33:31 pm »
Your opinions please.
I would like to get an SSD for Ms Beardy the younger’s MacBook Pro, but as it’s not something I buy very often I though I’d ask the hive mind for brand recommendations. So if you’ve any knowledge or experiences, good and bad, of SSDs please could you please share. I’m looking at either  500 or 1000 Gb.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: [Recommend] SSD brands
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For reliability you could go for an "enterprise" grade SSD
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Re: [Recommend] SSD brands
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Re: [Recommend] SSD brands
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I just outfitted the big thing with this:
The Samsung software in support is what sold it. Clone across, tell the BIOS to accept it, go!

It does a thing it calls TRIM, where it can set aside part of the disk space to move items round and round such that the memory all gets the same amount of wear to prolong life.

Night and Day in terms of performance and quietness vs a traditional HDD.
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Re: [Recommend] SSD brands
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TRIM is a standard ATA command.  It allows the OS to tell the drive "I've finished with those sectors" without actually performing a write (which is faster, and prolongs the life of the flash memory).  The SSD can garbage collect however it sees fit, so there may be performance differences between brands.

Obviously it's only any use if the OS driver and filesystem support it, which all the major ones now do.  In the early days of SSDs, appropriate compatibility was a big deal (I've got a 32gig SSD[1] with buggy firmware whose write performance makes low-end spinning rust look fast), but these days they tend to Just Work.

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Re: [Recommend] SSD brands
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When I replaced the drive in my ageing iMac I used a Samsung 850 EVO SSD which to date has worked flawlessly.
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Re: [Recommend] SSD brands
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Quite a fan of kingston memory but currently have a few cheap 120gb crucial ones.


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Re: [Recommend] SSD brands
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I have several work machines running on Crucial drives. They're not the ultimate for speed, but quite quick enough to make a huge difference over spinning rust HDs. They've been cheap and reliable so far.  In my own PC I use Samsung for ludicrous speed, brand snobbery and because they're black.  Yes, I have a silly case with a window.
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Re: [Recommend] SSD brands
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Kingston and Crucial on Towersnet.  No issues with either.
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